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Post by: trangtrang | 22/05/2022 | 709 reads

On the last day of the school year 2021 - 2022, students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted gathered to clean up classrooms as well as the school campus to prepare for the closing of the second semester.


Amsers' last day of school was a special one. Last Saturday morning, May 21, with the help of Amsterdam staff members, the students embarked on the ‘hygienization’ of the school campus. This was a very meaningful activity for students, not only because it helped them practice their hygiene habits, but also contribute to creating a green - clean - beautiful space that encourages the learning spirit of students.

10 Computer Science students cleaning and redecorating the classroom

10 Literature students reorganizing and rearranging classroom items

Despite being occupied with preparing for the upcoming NHAT, Amsers worked hard to fulfill their duties. In each class, the work was divided in equal proportions for each student, ranging from cleaning the board, cleaning the floor, cleaning the windows, setting up tables and chairs to arranging the lockers and watering potted plants.


Well-tended potted plants 

After the productive cleaning session, Amsers' classrooms were cleaner and more organized than ever before, with personal belongings kept intact. Returning to school after the summer break, students will be studying in great conditions to welcome a successful school year ahead.

Amsers' tidy and bright classroom after the ‘hygienizing’

Reporter: Trinh Yen Phuong - Literature 2124

Translator: Nhat Huy - English 2023