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Reportage photography: TET DURING THE PANDEMIC

Post by: trangtrang | 11/02/2021 | 974 reads

This year, the Vietnamese celebrated a special Tet holiday, during the spread of Covid. However, despite the intense situation, the Tet atmosphere did not disappear.  Everyone still went shopping in preparation for Tet, while taking precautions to prevent the pandemic to ensure a happy and safe new year for themselves and for society.

Kumquat trees sold at Hang Luoc flower market

Small Tet wishes decorated on orchids’ branches hoping for everything to go well

Trading scene at Hang Luoc flower market. Despite living with Covid, the Vietnamese happily shopped and prepared for Tet holiday

Striking Tet decorations were for sale on Hang Ma street

A small corner in a Tet clothing store on Hang Ma street

The seller hurriedly prepared items to sell for this year’s Tet

An elder and his grandchild happily laughed at their stall

Although it was during the pandemic, many photographers kept their cameras to capture the moments when Tet came on the street

The hopeful look on a businesswoman's face on the occasion of Tet

A girl selling peach blossom with her mother on Hang Luoc street

Beside smiling faces were ones filled with anxiousness due to the increasingly complicated Covid epidemic, which made trading difficult


Even though the pandemic was still spreading, the Vietnamese welcomed Tet and never forgot to prevent the spread of this epidemic. Hopefully, when new year’s Tet arrived, everyone would always be happy and safe with their loved ones.


Reporter: Nguyen Mai Trang - Chemistry 2023

Translator: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821