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Post by: trangtrang | 12/01/2021 | 862 reads

Last Sunday (10/01), Hanoi - Amsterdams High School’s students successfully launched a science exhibition called Science Fair 2020 and themed The Goblet Of Fire. This is an annual activity organized by the Society of Open Science club with a view to providing intriguing insights on Science and bringing it closer to youngsters in Hanoi.

Science Fair - an annual event for kids aged from 6 to 13 - was originally launched in 2016. Following 4 years of success, Science Fair marks its return this year with a novel title: “The Goblet Of Fire - a fiery wooden cup from the famous Harry Potter franchise. The theme conveys the message that science is omnipresent in our world, and every participant is a curious adventurer roaming around the magical sphere of scientific wonders.

Science Fair 2020 comprises numerous 6-13 years old participants from all across Hanoi

This year’s Science Fair started its setup phase in November 2020. For two months of thorough preparation, Society of Open Science was rigorous in their search for the most creative and eye-catching scientific experiments to provide children with memorable experiences.

The experiments were carefully constructed by several club members

The whole exhibition was divided into four main areas, named after the 4 houses in Harry Potter: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively. In each zone, participants are given the chance to observe unique figures, experiments from several subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Robotics. These astonishing experiments are also accompanied by detailed explanations from the club members which are guaranteed to grant children with handy scientific knowledge that is applicable in our daily lives as well.

The perilous “Fire hands” experiment captivated many students

What’s more, interactive board games are available at Beauxbaton for anyone seeking to develop their cognitive abilities, analytical skills or imagination. On the other hand, Durmstrang - where participants can do DIY products from recycled environmentally-friendly materials - received a good amount of attention as well.

Children enthusiastically playing interactive board games

Science Fair 2020: The Goblet of Fire highlights an important turning-point in Society of Open Science’s journey of bringing science closer to everyone. The exhibition left participants with broader and more approving viewpoints towards science, making them realize how it is not as distant to them as they think, but rather strikingly relevant in our daily lives.

The Society of Open Science club faithfully adheres to the motto: “Bringing science closer to people.”

Going out with a bang, Science Fair 2020 was successful in its attempt to project the ardent love for science on to students, serving as a springboard to a more well-developed society in the near future. Moreover, the Organization Board promises an even more exciting comeback in the upcoming season. Please stay tuned to Society of Open Science for there are many more events to come!


Reporter: Cao Thành Long - Literature 2023

Photographer: Nguyen Thuy Chi - Oxford 2023

Translator: Nguyen Duy Nhat Huy - English 2023