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Vietnamese students win 1 Gold Medal at the 6th IOM International Olympiad

Post by: trangtrang | 19/12/2021 | 385 reads

With Math, although the test has only a few pages, the amount of knowledge is terrible, to solve the amount of knowledge in that exam is not easy.

This 6th IOM International Olympic Competition is open to students aged 14-18 from major cities around the world, and is an important annual international event organized by the City of Moscow- and organize on a world scale. The 6th International Olympic Competition 2021 in an online format, combining multi-site with the participation of 35 teams from major cities in many countries around the world such as: Moscow, St. . Petersburg, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Boston, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Budapest, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Madrid...

Nguyen Tri Duc from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted won the Gold Medal in Chemistry at the 6th IOM International Olympiad. Photo: NVCC.

Talking to a reporter from the Vietnam Electronic Journal of Education, Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai - Chemistry teacher at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the leader of the 6th IOM International Olympic Team, said: : “The Hanoi team representing Vietnam to attend the 6th Moscow International Olympic Competition - 2021 includes 8 grade 12 students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

They competed in 4 subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics (2 students each subject). Participating in the competition, students have to go through 2 rounds in 3 main contest days, including: Round 1 is the speed competition, and round 2 is the official competition. The questions in the exam are academic and highly practical, on the scale of the world's largest international Olympic competition. The jury team consists of famous scientists and professors from many countries around the world.

For this year, I feel that the exam is very difficult and long. In this speed test, there are many questions for all fields of subjects, members will discuss, exchange and jointly give the final answer, which can be the correct or incorrect answer. , or write the answer…but in the fastest and most correct time.

The second part of the exam consists of 2 tests in two days, the total of these two exams will be reduced to a scale for each subject. This year's exam is quite long, for example, this year's Chemistry subject has more knowledge than previous years, with a time of 4 hours, and the Physics test takes 6 hours.

The organizers have put in a lot of knowledge from very real problems, for example about carbon treatment, asking questions in planting trees, calculating how many tons a forest can handle. carbon gas. They put in scientific knowledge that is very illustrative but also very practical.

The number of exam questions that need to be handled is very large, with more than 60 pages of questions, both reading comprehension and taking the test. For Physics, it is an experimental exam with simulation experiments via video, so it is very stressful. With Math, although the test has only a few pages, the amount of knowledge is terrible, and it is not easy to solve the amount of 

knowledge in that exam. Short topics are not necessarily easy.

Students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted participating in the 6th IOM International Olympic Competition took a photo with the school administration. Photo: NVCC.

According to Mr. Hai: “This is the second year that Ams School organizes this exam in an online form, the organizers have very clear and detailed requirements such as a separate and confidential exam room is mandatory, there is a CCTV cameras around the room as well as examine each candidate's exam seat, the candidate's computer also has software installed to clearly record all operations on the computer, ...

After the end of the exam at 9pm, the organizers will give you 30 minutes to submit your essay. Depending on each test, you can send it directly to a file on your computer, while the paper-based work will be returned and converted into a PDF file. and then sent to the link specified by the organizers. Next, you must take all the videos of the exam room from the translation room, then the video of 8 candidates and around the exam room, etc., and then send it to the organizers. When work is done, it is usually 1am.

In order to prepare for this exam, every year Ams is always ready and eager to have this contest to participate, so teachers and children on the team have made plans very early. Moreover, these are the core students in the team, so they have been studying and practicing since 11th grade, so their knowledge is quite solid.

In addition, the teachers also have a training plan from the experimental plan because this is a very difficult stage, there are lessons that the organizers have given a list of chemicals, but I can't understand and imagine. To figure out what kind of chemical that chemical can form, we can only predict. In the preparation stage, we had to order, then test, process, mix and divide into tools to perform directly during the exam.”

Students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted participated in the 6th IOM International Olympic Competition. Photo: NVCC.

Mr. Hai shared: "This year's results are not as good compared to last year's exam, but this year's question is very difficult, in terms of total number, the Vietnamese delegation ranked second in the whole group, so it is not a good idea. Short.

Through dramatic rounds of competitions, with the utmost effort, the Hanoi student union achieved excellent results in the Competition:

Team Second Prize (ranked 4th in the cities with the highest score).

Top 5 Best Cities in Bliz-contest.

Individual medals won:

1 Gold Medal: Student Nguyen Tri Duc, Chemistry.

6 Silver Medals: Student Tran Trung Kien in Chemistry; Tran Dinh Dung and Nguyen Manh Duc in Physics; Nguyen Anh Quan and Nguyen Gia Bao in Informatics; Cao Thuy An in Mathematics.

With the best efforts of the whole delegation, the Hanoi team representing Vietnam for the third year participating in the Moscow International Olympic Competition 2021 continues to promote and extend the golden table of achievements of the Capital's students. . This is also further evidence to affirm the correct policy and direction on educational reform and international integration of the Party, the State always cares about the young generation and nurtures talents of the Capital in particular. as well as Vietnam in general.

Translator: Do Thuan An - English 2023