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Hanoi – Amsterdam ranks 1st based on university entrance results 2012 among Hanoi high schools.

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 12/11/2012 | 9112 reads
Hanoi – Amsterdam, with an average score for three university entrance subjects of 20.75, deserved its 1st rank. The ranking table recognized private high schools including Luong The Vinh (ranking 4th with 18.09 points). What about Kim Lien, Chu Van An, Tran Phu, Phan Dinh Phung, Nguyen Gia Thieu, Yen Hoa and Viet Duc?

All universities and colleges have announced their 2012 admissions results. After scanning through the results of every candidate all over the country, the Bureau of Information Technology – Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training have published interesting figures. For example: List of 970 candidates scoring from 27 to 30 in the university entrance exams (link) or List of Hanoi students scoring 27 and above in the university entrance exams 2012.(Link)

Recently, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training has publicized “Ranking of university entrance exam results of Hanoi students”. Below are remarkable figures: Invincible Hanoi – Amsterdam: average score for three university entrance subjects of 20.75 With their time-honored learning traditions and students having good academic results, Hanoi – Amsterdam High School had 508 students sitting the entrance exams to university and they had an average score for three subjects of 20.75, taking first place in the table. Nguyen Hue High School came in second place with 19.05 points though 803 of their students took the exams. Chu Van An ranked 3rd with 19.01 points.


This year’s ranking has also witnessed positive changes of such schools as Kim Lien, Thang Long, Yan Hoa, Phan Dinh Phung or Tran Phu – Hoan Kiem comparing to their places in the table last year. The ranking has also recognized private high schools such as Luong The Vinh, whose average score was 18.09 and they achieved the 4th place. The figure means even more to them as they had 1.125 students taking the exams. Comparing with those public schools which also had over 1.000 candidates sitting the university entrance tests, Luong The Vinh’s average score is definitely something to be proud of since Phan Dinh Phung had 1.023 candidates and got 15.09 points; Tran Phu – Hoan Kiem had 1.001 candidates and 15.83 points. If we consider 13 the lowest score for all groups of subjects in Hanoi, only 40 schools had students scoring above 13 (in average) for each set of 3 subjects. Scoring below 13 were those schools that are rich in tradition including Quang Trung – Dong Da (12.86 points, ranked 43rd), Doan Ket – Hai Ba Trung (12.15 points), Nguyen Trai – Ba Dinh (12.17 points),… As mentioned above, this ranking is based on each school’s average score for three subjects in the university entrance exams 2012. The schools counted are those that had at least 30 students taking the exams in five groups of subjects: A, A1, B, C, D. Below are the detailed results of the study: 


Author: Le Duc Thuan(

Translator: Hoang Thanh Thao (A1 11-14)