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Post by: trangtrang | 22/07/2015 | 5164 reads

Author: Pham Ngoc Anh Thu


Geo 13-16

I remember being told so much about this school ever since I was a little secondary schoolkid. “It would be a privilege to get admitted to that school”, “I would definitely get my son to study and pass the entrance exam to Ams at all cost”, “Amsers surely are very talented!”; that was what I heard from them. At the time, Ams to me was such a far-fetched dream, a diamond so bright, yet unattainable.





Astonishment and joy swirled inside me the morning I received my high school entrance exam results. The school gate had opened, my dream was no longer a dream anymore. The great school, the dream of thousands of students and parents, had finally opened a door to me.




The first time walking pass the school gate, I was filled with nervousness. Nervous to meet my teacher and classmates, nervous about a whole new world I was now in. Ams, with its huge solemn orange gates, had come into my view hundreds of times through the bus window; yet I had never had the chance to enter it.

On the first schoolday, it was all so strange and frightening; row after row of buildings and  long broad hallways made it difficult to even find my class; I just wanted to run away. But then, somehow, the Teachers and my friends had found a way to pull me back in. And now, at this very moment, Ams has gradually become familiar, become my home.

The hallways and buildings are no longer overwhelmingly wide anymore; they have become smaller now that my feet are used to the route. Ams has become so familiar and dearly, now that I have known my classmates and teachers.



To me, what makes Ams beautiful is the sight of teachers dedicatedly delivering lectures on the classroom dais. Those who always give us that tender look, forgiving us for all the mistakes we make, and wholeheartedly instructing us through every difficulty. It is our teachers who give us delightful lessons, inspiring us, leading us to our own bright future. Without them, the school would never have existed, and us cheeky children would perhaps never have dared to dream.

What makes Ams beautiful is the sight of my naughty, one-of-a-kind friends, who have the ability to create a happy cozy atmosphere wherever they go, whenever they want. It is my friends who form my class and make up the best years of my student life, of my life.


Ams sparkles in the early morning, when the sun flickers through the window bars and falls on the brick floor and staircases.

Ams turns glorious in Festival of the Talented evenings and also during pre-events, when joy, sense of success, friendship, unity and studentship blend together.


Ams goes silent and taciturn like a sage in those afternoon without sunlight, when the wind whirls across the hallway, along the corridors and then bursts into pieces in front of the classroom door. From here and there echo the voice of a teacher giving lecture, or the sound of some students frolicking.

Ams turns youthful and effervescent with the sound of basketball bouncing and cheers during sports games.  

Ams is always there, taking care of us, comforting us like a great parent. Always strict, but also always generous.

The feeling for Hanoi – Amsterdam is a deep-rooted one, to me as well as to any other Amser who used to study and play here.


Ams creates dreams, Ams gives us experience and joyful moments, Ams leads us to our future.

Surely, no one who has studied, worked, spent time in this school could forget the emotions they experience here. How could one forget the laughter burst out in the middle of class, the joyous moments at recess, or the fieldtrips with teachers and friends.How could one forget beautiful memories, when the whole school gather together on “Festivals”. And how could one not engrave on his heart the sight of teachers’ eyes when they give lectures, those passionate eyes that shine so bright.

Hanoi – Amsterdam will always be our safe haven; the memories we have here in this dearly school will be with us wherever we go, helping us overcome any difficulty or impass in life. Ams will forever be beautiful, in the heart, the mind, and the life of every student – every child, and also in mine…


“Once Amser, Forever Amser!”


Translator: Phuong Ha E1 13-16