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Student Nguyen Ngoc Ha Chi of 11 History won Gold Medal in Capital’s Education at the "Pure Age Melodies" Contest in school year 2022 - 2023

Post by: trangtrang | 15/10/2022 | 576 reads

On the morning of October 15th, at The Dewey School, Hanoi’s MOET held a closing ceremony for the educational "Pure Age Melodies" contest of the years 2022 - 2023 themed "Nurturing Academic Culture". Attending it were representatives of the MOET, the city’s Committee and Hanoi’s MOET.

The contest aims to develop aesthetic education, educate about politics, morality, lifestyles, culture and etiquette in education to meet the needs of comprehensive education for high school students.

Tiết mục đặc sắc trình diễn tại tổng kết Hội thi

Colorful performances in the closing ceremony

This is also a chance for students to exchange, learn and create a joyful and exciting atmosphere at schools, improve the spiritual life and perception of culture and arts and contribute to building a healthy cultural environment in educational institutions.

Hội thi là dịp để các học sinh giao lưu, học hỏi, tạo không khí vui tươi, phấn khởi trong các nhà trường

The contest is a chance for students to exchange and create a joyful atmosphere at schools

The contest started in July 2022, receiving close attention and direction from leaders at all levels as well as the enthusiasm from officials, teachers, students and parents, thus yielding encouraging results.

Hội thi nâng cao đời sống tinh thần, khả năng cảm thụ văn hóa - nghệ thuật cho học sinh

The competition improves the spiritual life and cultural and artistic perception of students

The city-level contest took place from 21/9/2022 to 14/10/2022 in 9 regions with the participation of 46 units, including 30 MOET boards from districts, towns and 16 high school groups in the city ​​area.

182 entries (41 solos, 36 duets/trios, 39 choirs, 43 independent dancing performances and 23 instrumental performances), all focusing on the theme "Nurturing Academic Culture”, praising the love for our Motherland, schools, teachers and friends and expressing desires and responsibilities for themselves, their families and the community.

In the comments of the Organizing Committee, each performance at the contest was meticulously choreographed, artistic and left deep impressions. Under the spotlight, students truly became professional performers with the carefree and innocent spirits of their age.

Đặc sắc, chuyên nghiệp với Hội thi “Giai điệu tuổi hồng” năm học 2022- 2023 - Ảnh 1

Tổng kết Hội thi “Giai điệu tuổi hồng” ngành Giáo dục Thủ đô năm học 2022-2023
The Organizing Committee awarded prizes to all units

However, some units have not carefully studied the contest rules, leading to rule violations or overdue entries being submitted to the contests; some units were slow to report their results at the school level, affecting the statistical work of the Organizing Committee.

In addition, there are still units that have not spent enough money on the contest, the programs were assembled hastily with vague themes, and the quality of performances was not equal; some units had poor sound quality or inappropriate dress costumes, etc.

At the closure of the contest, Deputy Director of Hanoi’s MOET Tran Luu Hoa said: “The 2022 - 2023 contest “Pure Age Melodies” was a great success. Hopefully, the spirit of the contest will continue to be strongly promoted and affect each school, each educational institution to help boost a fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education at the moment”.

Aiming to efficiently spark a cultural and artistic movement in the industry for the following years, the Deputy Director of the MOET Tram Luu Hoa suggested that the unit leaders attentively instruct and facilitate the time and funding for activities that contribute to the good implementation of the industry's movements.

After 12 outstanding performances, the Organizing Committee presented awards, flags and certificates of merit to groups and individuals that achieved excellent results at the Contest, of which 46 units won prizes (11 First, 18 Second, 15 Third, 2 Consolation) and 140 Gold Silver or Bronze medals (37 Gold, 48 ​​Silver, 55 Bronze).

Tổng kết Hội thi “Giai điệu tuổi hồng” ngành Giáo dục Thủ đô năm học 2022-2023

The Organizing Committee gave Gold Medals to the best performances.

Thanks to an impressive performance, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School excellently won Gold with the "Red Flower" solo by Nguyen Ngoc Ha Chi of 11 History, with the flute accompaniment of Nguyen Cong Khanh from 11 History.

Nguyen Ngoc Ha Chi and Nguyen Cong Khanh from 11 History performing "Red Flower"

On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board, we would like to congratulate on the achievements of Amsers Nguyen Ngoc Ha Chi and Nguyen Cong Khanh. We hope that you will continue making your marks in arts in Hanoi - Amsterdam in particular and in the Capital in general.


Translator: Ngô Vũ Ngân Hà - Russian 2124

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