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Hanoi - Amsterdam Students won Gold Medal at the World Invention Creativity Olympiad

Post by: trangtrang | 29/08/2022 | 407 reads

At the World Invention Creativity Olympiad (WICO 2022), Hanoi students have achieved many gold medals in topics with a wide range of applications.

At the World Invention Creativity Olympiad, the project "New method to forecast RNA secondary structure based on two-dimensional LSTM and genetic algorithm" by Nguyen Thien Luong, student of 11 I.T., Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted with Truong Tuan Phong (11 I.T.), Le Song Thu (11 Literature), Pham Minh My Anh (11 Literature), Tran Trung Kien (12 Chemistry 1), Dang Minh Quan (12th grader at Nguyen Tat Thanh High School), Ly Han Minh Quang (11 Chemistry at High School for Gifted Students, VNU) all excellently won a Gold medal at the olympiad for Excellent invention.

Thien Luong said: In recent years, the application of Informatics to solve practical problems in molecular biology is consistent with a very new research trend in the world.  This method has been very useful and a proof of just how much biomedicine and biotechnology have developed.

The topic of the group of Nguyen Minh Phuong, Tran Le Mai Phuong, Nguyen Dang Bao Nhi, Nguyen Dang Phuong Nhi, Do Tram Anh from HNUE High School, Tran Phu Hoan Kiem High School, Viet Duc High School and Le Quy Don Dong Da High School earned a special prize for the topic of Coenzyme Q10 extraction from photosynthetic purple bacteria found in Vietnam’s waters for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Team leader Nguyen Minh Phuong said: With the help of Dr. Le Thi Nhi Cong, a researcher from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, we have been able to successfully carry out our project. This study will aim to extract the highest concentration of CoQ10 from some strains of photosynthetic purple bacteria isolated in the seas of Vietnam to guide the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and improve human health.

Group of students from HNUE High School, Tran Phu Hoan Kiem High School, Viet Duc High School, and Le Quy Don Dong Da High School won the WICO 2022 Gold Medal

The scientific research team Green Tree Team consists of 5 members, all of them 4th grade students of the Experimental School of Education Science (ESES). The team, led by Ms. Nguyen Bich Thao - Science Teacher of the school, was set out for South Korea to participate in the World Invention Creativity Olympiad.

After the competition, the team excellently won the team Gold award, the Special award of the World Invention and Intellectual Property Association, another award dedicated to the Best Instructor and Special award for the team’s excellent creative ideas as well as another Special award for their excellent invention ideas.

Ms. Nguyen Bich Thao said: The invention project “Water purification device with plants” by ESES students was highly appreciated by the international jury for its creativity and applicability, focusing a lot on science and environmental protection. In particular, the team has made a great impression on the organizers and others, as they were the youngest team in this competition.

Primary school students from ESESl attending WICO 2022

Nearly 30 Vietnamese contestants competed in South Korea

Together with the Vietnamese participants in the World Invention Creativity Olympiad 2022, a 9K student named Nguyen Lan Thanh and his friends from Nguyen Du Secondary School (Hoan Kiem District) excellently earned a Gold Medal for her invention named the Automatic Medicine Reminder.

Nguyen Lan Thanh talked about the group's product: This medical device is essential for elderly people who often take medicine or young people who forget to take their medicine on time.  The device has a very simple mechanism. When it is time to take the medicine, the device will vibrate to remind the user, and two minutes after the first notification, it will remind the user a second time.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong - Principal of Nguyen Du Secondary School said: Due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, Lan Thanh could not fly to South Korea to participate in the olympiad.  However, with the scientific quality of the test and her ability to speak confidently in English, Thanh presented the product on Zoom, completely convincing the Jury and excellently winning a Gold medal.

The Vietnamese delegation attending the World Invention Creativity Olympiad 2022 consists of 99 members with 25 inventions. Nearly 30 students from 7 groups went to South Korea to participate in it, while the remaining contestants in Vietnam gave online presentations through Zoom. All inventions of the Vietnamese team bagged many prizes, including a host of gold medals and awards from international scientific organizations.

According to Education Times

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