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[MI12’23] Teachers and Students Day: Team spirit fosters the bond between 20-23 Amsers and teachers

Post by: trangtrang | 23/05/2023 | 1515 reads

Walking along the streets of Hanoi, we can hear the sound of cicadas signaling the coming of summer. Despite the hot, harsh sun of Hanoi, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted was heated up more than ever with the teamwork between teachers and Amsers. During the “Week of Gratitude”, on May 18, Amsers of class 20 - 23 organized the “Teachers and Students Day” with a range of exciting games to send their utmost sincere love for their teachers.

Summer, exam season, parting season. In May, the phoenix flowers bloom red everywhere in our beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam school with so many intertwined emotions. The joys and sorrows and so many memories of high school seem to be coming to an end for the Amsers class of 20 - 23. And perhaps that journey could not have been made without our respectable teachers who have imparted their knowledge to us and gone through the ups and downs with us. 

"Teachers and Students Day'' is an activity in the series of events during “Gratitude Week” by “Made In 12” - a major annual event organized by 12th grade Amsers. After “A thousand wishes” and “Acrylic Day”, “Teachers  and Students Day” has returned after 4 years, marking a very special occasion for Amsers of class 20 - 23 to keep these beautiful memories with their teachers.

The event started with the game “Cướp cờ nhảy bao bố” (Sack race to the flag). The game is inspired by the folk game “cướp cờ” (Get the flag), but the Organizing Committee changed the game to make it more attractive by adding the jumping part.

The students taking the flag and bringing the victory to their classes

The next game required both teachers and students to participate. This game showed the harmony and rhythm in both teachers' and students' steps. Teachers and students worked with each other to keep the ball and move to the finish line.

The busy atmosphere during “Teachers and Students Day”

The event came to a close with the game “Bắc cầu qua sông” (Bridge-cross the river), in which each team had to collaborate to get all five individuals across the river at once. The team able to achieve this would get points.

 The clock is ticking.

Classes taking photos of their memories together.

The event ended in a bustling atmosphere

Dang Vu Anh Duc (Chemistry 2 - 2023) - Vice President of the Organizing Committee of “Made In 12 - 2023” shared his thoughts on this activity: "In order for the event to be as successful as it is today, the presence of all classes, particularly teachers, contributed the most. I understand that teachers are quite busy, especially during exam season, yet they still gladly accepted the invitation and joined us, often even more enthusiastically than the students.” Ms. Nguyen Khanh Linh, Head of the “Made in 12” Organizing Committee, is undoubtedly the one who has been by his side and helped him the most. “The referees were also very enthusiastic when they took their time to practice despite the hot summer days when it reached 40 degrees."

Organizing Committee of “Made In 12 2023: Ký Họa”

The school age is gradually coming to an end and the painting “Ký Họa” seems to have received its final touches. Those three years of youth flew by, filling us with precious memories that not everyone can have. Ams is still there, with teachers always giving their all, and there are only us students who will be flying higher to discover our own place in the world. The final moments at Ams can now only be measured by the hours and the minutes.

“Teachers and Students Day” - the last memories 20-23 Amsers had with their teachers. These emotions combined together to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and emotion. It's now time for Amsers 20 - 23 to fly high, as their school age comes to an end. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we wish the event “Made In 12 20-23: Ký họa” - Graduation and maturity ceremony of 12th grade students many wonderful memories. We hope that 20-23 Amsers would continue their confidence and success on their chosen path.

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225

Image Source: Provided by the OC