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Amsers' brilliant performance at the 2018-2019 entrance round of the National Academic Competition

Post by: trangtrang | 15/10/2018 | 338 reads

On the morning of 10/10, at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the Department of Education and Training held the establishment ceremony of the Hanoi Team of gifted students to prepare for the National Academic Competition in January 2019.


The students in the team are elite, specialized ones coming from different high schools in Hanoi, who will have 3 months to review and practice before the test. At the beginning of the ceremony, Pham Ngoc Thinh, deputy head of the High School Education Office announced the decision to set up the Hanoi team of gifted students. The team consists of 12 subjects with 184 students from 16 high schools in the city. Immediately after the statement of the teacher Pham Ngoc Thinh was the teaching plan of the Teacher of Excellence, Deputy Director of Hanoi Education Department Le Ngoc Quang. He hoped all students will develop a sound study plan while maintaining health to get the best results in the upcoming exam. Also giving a speech in the ceremony was Le Thi Oanh, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee and Headmaster of the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. She also expected students to focus on learning and honing their skills in the next 3 months. She also introduced the highlights of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for students in different schools to explore during their study period.


Mrs. Le Thi Oanh giving a speech at the ceremony



The teams had themselves photographed 

In the last exam, students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School achieved excellent results, with 108 students in the Hanoi team - the largest population in 5 recent years. Not only were Amsers strong in the natural sciences but also gained great achievements in the social sciences and foreign languages.

In mathematics, 13 out of 15 students are students of Hanoi - Amsterdam. Standing out was Nguyen Duc Anh, who is only at 10th grade but has demonstrated exceptional talents and managed to enter the team with his elders. With regards to the Physics and Chemistry teams, Amsers also constituted the majority of the team. Not only that, our school also contributed 18/20 students to the English team.

These outstanding achievements are a great stepping stone for the upcoming National Academic Competition. Furthermore, this is also a good example for other students to study and strive in the 2019-2020 school year.


* Hanoi - Amsterdam students' results in the entrance round of the National Academic Competition:

- Math Team: 13/15 students

- Physics Team: 13/18 students

- Chemistry Team: 13/18 students

- Biology Team: 11/20 students

- Computer Science team: 7/15 students

- Literature Team: 5/15 students

- History Team: 3/18 students

- Geography Team: 5/12 students

- English team: 18/20 students

- Russian team: 8/12 students

- Chinese team: 6/6 students

The brilliant achievements in learning and extracurricular activities of the Amsers are the most beautiful flowers they give to their teachers and other loved ones on the Vietnamese Women Day of October 20th.


Website editor of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

Translated by Luu Minh Dung - English 1 1619