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Post by: trangtrang | 01/06/2018 | 692 reads

Louisa May Alcott once said: "Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable". Understanding the great value of books, the Amsers seek to encourage reading culture in Vietnamese youth. Book Festival is an annual event to promote the fine learning traditions of the well-known Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. This is a chance for Amsers to indulge themselves in a world full of books - the "wisdom bag" of mankind.

The 2018 Book Festival took place in Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted at 9h30, 23th May, carrying the message FOR THE BETTER TOMORROW. The festival has captivated the attention of over 1000 students from different majors of the school visiting the fair's booths, buying their favorite books and participating in exciting games

Book Festival this year has succeed in attracting several book companies and publishing houses, namely Nha Nam, Sputnik education, Kim Dong, Xunhasaba, Minh Long. They are the ones who sponsor the program by providing the festival with fascinating and valuable books. One of the mentionable names dedicated for Amsers is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; the school library will always welcome the students to freely learn and enjoy such masterpeices. The book conveys a series of meaningful messages: The unknown fear is an even greater hindrance than discernible ones themselves, Truth never dies, Know how to put aside monotony, Appreciate the present, Freely pursue your dream, … We also can't fail to name the Logical thinking quizes of Canterbury, Baba - Yaga the Witch (dual languages Viet-Eng), An adventure day in the magical mathematical world - from Spunik Education in commitment for participators in the festival games. Minh Long company also makes an appearance at the book fest in order to introduce and hand out their best books on life skills: Lessons that can't be taught at school, 100 things to do before you turn 20, Things will be different with just a twist of humor. Perhaps the most crowded booth was of Kim Dong publishing house. Taking part in this year's Book Festival, Kim Dong publishing house devote 6 books, each going in 2 types to the school library and the students participating in the games: Hachiko the waiting dog; When too sad, water a tree; I want to ask you what the future is like, Malcolm the beast man; Life of a rubber sandal. The Sunhasaba company sent the school library the valuable Foreign Language books - the primary studying resources of each students. Below are some images in the Book Festival of 2018 at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School:


Students selecting their favorite books

 Continuing to spread the spirit of creativity, curiosity and passion for reading for all Amsers, Book Festival 2018 with the message "Reading for tomorrow" has been a great success. The teachers and students have visited the publishing houses' booths, in search for interesting books at very favorable prices to make them their companion in study and work. Over all, looking at the faces sweating and tired in the dazzling summer sunshine but still radiant with pleasure in finding books, reading books, we see the happiness when the passion, pleasure with the book is remakably multiplied and gradually formed among youths. I would like to express my gratitude to the school board of the Hanoi Amsterdam for their great care, the enthusiastic cooperation of bookstores, publishing houses and  Amsers' engagement in the activities.


Reporter: Pham Ha My (Lecturer)

Picture: NG. Nam Phuong, facebook

Translated by Dang Duc Anh - English 2 1720