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11th International Olympic Astronomy and Astrophysics Team: Unforgettable Experiences

Post by: trangtrang | 05/04/2018 | 718 reads

It has been 4 months since the Vietnamese team returned from the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympics with two silver medals and two Incentive awards. Even so, the experiences and lessons that the contest brings about are indeed unforgettable memories, especially to the boys who were lucky enough to participate in the contest twice. Together with Ams Wide Web, let's have a brief talk with them!

Vietnam team's achievements at IOAA 2017:

- 2 silver medals: Tran Duc Huy, Nguyen Tien Nhan

- 2 Consolation prizes: Le Hong Long, Tran Quang Thanh

All are in class 12 Physics 1, 15-18 term, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.

Reporter: Hello everyone. To start with, I would like to once again send congratulations to all the members of the team who have excellently taken part in the contest recently. Can you share your feelings when receiving the results of the contest?

To us, IOAA 2017 was an unforgettable feast of various emotions. From anxiety, stress, anxiety to bursts of joy when receiving official results. But above all it is our pride to have contributed a part to astronomy and astrophysics in particular, and to the country in general.

Reporter: The second time coming back to IOAA, I wonder if your feelings this time have changed much compared to the first time?

Representing Vietnam in such a great international competition, everyone is sure to be very nervous and anxious. However, thanks to the experience from the first IOAA, we feel at ease most of the time. Moreover, we also excitedly and actively exchange and learn from international friends during the contest.


The Vietnamese delegation excellently won the 4th prize at the 11th International Astronomical and Astrophysical Olympics held in Thailand.

Interviewer: How special was the preparation of all the team members and teachers? Did you guys encounter any difficulties in the preparation process and how did everyone work together to overcome it?

Since it is only the second year of participation, difficulties are unavoidable. First, astronomy is considered a new subject with Vietnamese students and we don't have many teachers studying this field in depth. Fortunately, the team was instructed by the really enthusiastic teachers. The teachers also spend time learning the team. After class, we often exchange what we have learnt and practice the tests. This year we have the chance to attend a special training in Nha Trang. There, we were taught in the only operating planetarium in Vietnam, and then used the telescope to gaze at the twinkling stars. The trip was a great preparation for the contest's Gazing Event.

Reporter: Can you share a piece of memories when participating in competitions and exchanging with other international delegations?

Speaking of memories, there are countless. In the event time, the most outstanding part was probably the team event. Team members are arranged randomly. Put in a context of a group of people stuck on a deserted island, the mission of each team is to use its knowledge in astronomy to solve puzzles, trying to escape the island as quickly as possible. This is a very fun part, not only develops practical skills but also help strengthen the bonds between the contestants.

The 5 guys who retrieve 1 silver medal and 4 Incentive awards at IOAA 2016

Reporter: For young people who feel alien to the subject of astrophysics and still hesitate to try, do you want to send any encouraging message to them?

It is true that astrophysics is still new to many young Vietnamese, but if you have passion for sparkling stars in the sky, or an urge to uncover the the shroud of mystery hidden is the sky, do not hesitate to try.

Getting to know the constellations, their shapes, and the stars in it will make you discover a lot of interesting things about ancient cultures, myths and even intriguing facts in our everyday lives . Did you know that in the sky there are heroes Hercules, Perseus and all 12 zodiac constellations? Or do you know that the name of the Harry Potter's godfather who can turn into a dog, is also the name of the brightest star of the night sky of the big dog constellation?

That is just one of the many fun facts. The more you are engaged in astronomy, the more you will be amazed . Morover, you will have the opportunity to broaden your horizon when you "witness" the limits of the universe, the way stars formed, the existence of black hole, ... Also you can show off your knowledge to your friends , I am sure everyone will be looking up to you on that part (laughs).

Thanks again for your sharing today. Hope you will achieve even more success in the near future!

Reporter: Do Kim Chi - Literature 1619

Translator: Dang Duc Anh - English 2 1720