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Post by: trangtrang | 18/02/2018 | 2851 reads

The dream of studying in the US has long been the dream of many students in general and Amsers in particular. Following the success of previous generations, during the recent ED enrollment period, Amsers has successfully conquered many American university admissions. Join Ams Wide Web to meet Tang Tran Dieu Linh, a student of Chinese English Class who has just received a scholarship and officially became a Grinnell University Student of Class 2022.

Tang Tran Dieu Linh (lying) - freshman of Grinnell University, class of 2022

Reporter: Good afternoon Dieu Linh, first I would like to congratulate you on your fruitful results in the last ED enrollment period. Can you share some of your feelings when you received your acceptance letter and officially became Grinnell'22 new student?

Thank you Ams Wide Web for giving me such hearty attention! Of course, I was really happy to receive this result, and also felt a lot more relieved to also receive a good financial aid package to lessen the burden of my parents. After a long period of stress, I am now delighted to be able to wake up every morning without any essay deadlines. I am blessed to have received incredible support from my family as well as enormous sympathy from my teachers and friends, which are crucial to the rush preparation for my application, and I am deeply indebted to all of those who have stood by me during this stressful time of 2017!

Tang Tran Dieu Linh holds an impressive record of extracurricular activities. She is the president of the school's club Society of Open Science 2016-2017; Founder and Head Organizer of Science Camp 2017, Science Tornado 2017 and Science Fair: Christmas Edition 2016; Founder of Mid-Autumn Festival 2015; Head organizer of Striped Project 2016.

Reporter: Studying in America is the dream of many students upon graduating from high school. Obviously, the application process is by no means straightforward. When and how did your application start?

I started this journey later than many other peers. I first studied for the SAT and thought of studying in the US in March 2017. By that time almost everyone has acquired a good score for standardized tests and is gradually improving their profile; some people have even started writing personal statements (PS).

I studied for the SAT with the best of my efforts, and I still try to learn some SAT Subject Tests in between the SAT period to challenge my own limits. Since I started late and there were too many things to do, I always tried my best to focus on learning as well as writing essays so that I can achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. I believe this is a prerequisite skill for the future, and I would like to thank the the application process for giving me the ability to ensure work efficiency while meeting deadlines. This enabled me to see how far and fast I could move forward.

Tang Tran Dieu Linh with members of the Society of Open Science. In addition to her extracurricular activities, she also won Consolation Prize in ASEAN Students Science Contest Competition in Southeast Asia (Thailand 8/2017), Excellent Camper in "Visit to China of ASEAN Headmasters and ASEAN Student Summer Camp" in 8/2016, and Outstanding Delegate at the Great at the Asian young leaders Travel and Learning Camp held in Singapore in February 2017

Reporter: Having a strong resume is essential to impressing the admissions office. What advice would you give to students preparing for their US applications?

When I applied to Grinnell, my standardized score was below par with the overall score range of this year, which put me in a state of constant anxiety, sometimes panic attacks. So I hope all of you try to prepare early, especially for the SAT or ACT, to be more confident when the deadline is approaching. High test scores will help tremendously in shaping your dream schools (ED schools) sooner and having a specific plan to achieve the dream. In addition, top scores will give you more comfort and more options when listing schools.

Grade point average is also a very important factor: some schools even value it more than standardized scores. GPA shows your ability to succeed in the school you are attending. If you do not do well here, how can the admissions committee expect you to do well in their university? So, even if you might be more preoccupied with SAT or ACT, do not neglect formal studies and try to do well in class.

Personal statement (PS) with me is the most important part of the portfolio, because I found it the mirror of the personality, mindset, and maturity of each individual. PS is what sets different records, especially at the point when everyone's scores are directed to the absolute and differ slightly. A good essay should be an essay that still satisfies you and lets you see your own self after reading it over and over again. Never consider any factor more important than this essay, as this is the key to finding the right school. Before trying to show your ability and honesty in the profile, be honest with yourself and ask yourself who you are. Let the admissions officers see for themselves; don't try to tell them.

Dieu Linh is also a member of the PR Department of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2016, Head of PR Department at the Society of Open Science, Science Tornado 2016, Science Fair 3: Eggsperiment (2016), and Science Fair 1: Observations (2015), saleswoman at EM Uniform, and trainee at Unity Academy

Reporter: And finally, what messages would you give to encourage other Amsers on their way to conquer top US universities?

Just do it! After so many experiences with the bad things late in the high school years, this is the best advice I can give to people. Sometimes, by thinking less and doing more, you will learn much more than you expect. Do whatever you like, pursue your own passion, express yourself heartily and honestly in your application, apply to all the schools you desire, and then there will always be a place that really suits you. What matters in the end is not the ranking of your school, but whether the school is appropriate to make a landing in your next four years or not!

Reporter: Dang Duc Anh - Literature Class 1619

Translator: Luu Minh Dung - English Class 1619