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Post by: trangtrang | 13/06/2015 | 3737 reads

“Ams will become the treasure that is nowhere to be found in your entire life. Ams has provided you with values and granted you with virtues as a part of your luggage on your every road branch…”, said Mrs. Le Thi Oanh – the captain of the ship named Hanoi Amsterdam – in the graduation ceremony of 12-15 seniors.

This is the second time I have the honored to join the graduation ceremony of the seniors of my school and listen to the speech that Mrs. Le Thi Oanh, our school principal, wants to send to those students who are going to leave beloved Ams. As usual, her deep words, as careful reminders to students, are always full of emotions and pride. I have seen tears of both students and parents when they listen to her poignant words. This time, in the graduation ceremony named “Road Branch”, her sharing evokes myriads of uncanny emotions in me, puzzling me and making my soul somehow more mature. That is because I am now taking her words in the position of a student who, in the next only one year, is going to leave the school gate of Ams with a lot of memories behind to start a new path in my maturity journey. This time next year, those words of departure will be for no one else but me and my friends.


 The teacher, the captain of the ship named “Hanoi – Amsterdam” who has taught us precious lessons


Three years of high school… Three years are not long enough for affections not expressed fully, for innocent and naughty moments, for teachers’ affectionate lessons, for enduring endeavors to overcome self-limits of me and my friends. Three years perhaps are not long enough for our passionate and youthful spirit. However, someone has told me that grade 12th is the most precious and memorable period of a person’s both student life and whole life. For me, the place named “Hanoi – Amsterdam” will always be appreciated from the bottom of my heart and be the one I am delighted to come back, even just in memory.



Perhaps anyone who is lucky enough to listen to her speech in that special moment can all feel something awakened in soul. It seems like what she says is no longer a speech or departure words. It is like the last and the biggest lesson for those who are saying goodbye to student life. That lesson reminisce all what has gone, all the best memories of adolescence. That lesson reminds students of affections that cannot be lost in life: teacher – student affection, friendship, gratitude, etc


After saying goodbye to student life, in the flow of life we can sometimes accidentally jump into our friends since adolescence and our venerable teachers, those strict yet lenient sailors; it is when memories flash back like a reverse motion movie – the movie that keeps all the most beautiful moments gone in life. Being grateful to teachers is one our first and most important lessons about moral values. Our principal has feverly reminded us of that lessons so that we can keep it deep in mind and grow up.


She has made tangible suppressed emotions in every Ames’ progeny “At this moment, we will not talk about Ams, since each of you will have your own Ams”. Ams has seemingly granted us a lot, much more than we think: “Ams has provided you with values and granted you with virtues as a part of your luggage on your every road branch… You have been able to live with freedom of intellectual development under the tradition of creativity respect. Ams has nurtured your dreams and inflamed your success passions with the most talented and venerable teachers to whom you are saying to say goodbye…” Ams is the dream harbor where intellectual creativity is given the wings so that all Masers can confidently soar high in their own skies, from cultures, arts to technology and science, etc. All of them are given shape in that beloved talent garden. Those callow birds will gradually grow mature, freely soar high in wide skies of passion and success, but prestigious Hanoi – Amsterdam will always be the house where Amsers place all their beliefs, affections and pride.

Our dreams will then fly high in the sky, but we will all remember this beginning place, our beloved school


Listening to what she says, I am even more appreciative of what I have. It is because I know, time will fly fast like pigeons pass the window; there will come the day when I have to leave Ams, the moment when I burst into tears and say goodbye. And that day is not so far. I have only a year left to love, appreciate and instill memories in mind. The relationship between Ams and Amser if that between the giver and the receiver. Ams has inflamed Amsers, and we will make the best efforts to make Hanoi – Amsterdam shine even more brightly, make Hanoi – Amsterdam’s prestige go even further. Those paragons mentioned in the speech, the pride of the school will be the most encouragement for those who are heading for the next challenging school year. We always have our pride on Ams, a school with perfect studying records, with bright and creative yet playful students who always rule their own lives with independent mind and out of the box ideas – Ams is the “first” and the “only”one.


We as 13-16 generation have never had the honored to be taught the principal, but in our eyes she is always a special person. She is the great teacher who brings us a lesson called Maturity in the annual graduation ceremony. Those sincere words are seemingly the golden keys she grants us so that we are ready for life: “You will succeed on every Road Branch you step on. But success is not the result of luck, but the achievement demanding enduring hard work. Success needs passion and earnest endeavors. Study smartly, never abandon passion and put all your love in time in what you like to do. You Amsers have always had the tradition of living with a cerebral manner. Believe in mind will and be determined to control your life soon! Let’s thinking independently, working creatively, love people around you and succeed in what you do on every single Road Branch you step… Always keep in mind that Vietnam is where you were born and grew up, giving you precious values of anthropologists who love and appreciate peace…” Her words help me understand more about myself, about life goals and life values of a modern person. Those words also speak out all what Ams has done and will always do to every generation of Amsers – educate students into people with complete capacity and morality.


Herds of birds often fly to the South to avoid the cold of winter. Callow students are just like callow birds who have to leave their nest, but they leave in summer, under bright sunshine and vivid shades of flowers, not to hide away but to stand up to challenges and conquer new lands and new skies. No one wants to leave such a happy second family like Ams, but we cannot reverse the rule of time. What is most important is that Ams is always there like a beloved home welcoming daughters and sons back in the glory of success. At this moment in time, the more scared we feel at the fast move of time, the more appreciative we are of the last days to come. We know that, each day we are able to walk to Ams as Amsers is a day full of happiness.


“Road Branch” – that name evokes more meanings than I used to think. When we step out of the school gate, we have to grow mature and opt for ourselves the most suitable path. However, do our branches cut each other? Or our teachers, friends, school and childhood memories will always remain in the past?


“The road branch ahead makes you say goodbye but the goodbye word will give you time to appreciate what you have had in this place and a chance to understand thoroughly the value of returning. Just go back to our Ams whenever possible – Ams will always be the peaceful harbor where your souls can rest and the Road Branch for you to return.”


“Once Amser, forever Amser”

It seems like what our principal says has given us the answer. Wherever our chosen road branches lead us to, those branches in all Amsers’ heart will intersect at our beloved Hanoi – Amsterdam.



Reporter: Minh Anh (Literature 13 – 16)

Translator: Mai Anh ( English 1 13 – 16)

Photos source: Humans of Hanoi – Ams and Made in 12 – 15 Organization Board.