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A model meeting of the Youth Union branch in the school year 2019-2020

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 21/09/2019 | 249 lượt xem

On Wednesday morning (18/9), the Youth Union branch of class 10 Physics 2 had successfully held the model meeting of the Youth Union branch in their classroom on the first floor of house C.

Joining the meeting were Mr. Truong Nam Phuong-  Secretary of the school’s Youth Union branch, Mrs. Phan Hong Anh-Secretary of the Teachers’ Union, Mr. Cao Van Dung-General manager of the Youth group, Mrs.Pham Vu Bich Hang-head teacher of class 10 Physics 2, together with 29 members of the class’s Youth Union branch. Besides, the meeting also warmly welcomed over 30 representatives from other Youth Union branch to consult, listen and give advice.

Before the model meeting took place, preparatory steps were taken with consideration and meticulousness. The class was neatly organized, the tables and chairs were arranged in a U-shaped way towards the presidents and the secretaries’ tables so that the observation of the activities in the meeting is easier.The act of decorating the board, putting cloths on tables, preparing the projector and loud-speakers were also carefully done so that the meeting can take place without any hindrance.

The meeting officially started at 10.35 a.m when both the delegates and members had been fully presented and settled in their seats. Opening the meeting, Hoang Lam Binh-the MC, warmly welcomed the presence of delegates and representatives from other Youth Union branch. Then he invited the Presidents (Nguyen Hoang Hieu, Bui Trung Hieu, Hoang Chau Anh) and the secretaries (Nguyen Hoai Minh,Kieu The Anh) to go to the working section and to operate the saluting to the flag ceremony, the anthem-singing ceremony and the Youth Union’s singing ceremony.

Next, Nguyen Hoang Hieu, Bui Trung Hieu and Hoang Chau Anh, who have been in charge of the class’s Youth Union branch for the past term, stood up to report the acquired accomplishments and to inform the missions in the upcoming term.

At the end of his speech, Nguyen Hoang Hieu invited Vu Hoang Tu A to present his paper on studying and Do Quang Anh to present his paper on extracurricular activities. The two aforementioned papers pointed out what the Youth Union branch had achieved in the last term such as getting high scores in oral and written tests or the participation in activities belonging to The Festival of Talents ( the Trendy Day, the Exciting Day, setting up the group’s camp, joining the group’s video and the group’s performance in the finale). Besides, in the upcoming term, the Youth Union branch looks forward to building a healthy-for-studying and comprehensive-skills-developing environment as well as preparing for extracurricular activities such as going on class’s trips, celebrations, organizing big events ( Vietnamese Women’s Day, Vietnamese Teachers’ Day,...).

After voting in the form of raising hands for agreement or disagreement, 100% of the Youth Union branch agreed with the mission that all members would strive to gain the title of the Good Student with Good Ethics in the school year 2019-2020. Additionally, the Union set to be in the top 10 out of 55 classes in terms of academic achievement and good conduct with the agreement rate of 100%.

The meeting continued with the introduction of the Scrutineers’ Committee, including: Vu Hoang Tu B-Head president of the Committee, Nguyen Bao Son-Vice President of the Committee and Nam Khanh-  member of the Committee. The Head President of the Committee started out by explaining the principles of working, the principles of voting and the standard of a proper vote. Five outstanding members (through nomination or running for election) had made their names known on the official ballot papers (with the School Youth Union Secretary’s seal on them) including: Do Quang Anh, Hoang Chau Anh, Hoang Lam Binh, Nguyen Hoang Hieu, Bui Trung Hieu. Under the guidance of Head President of the Scrutineers’ Committee, the other 2 members quickly carried out the process of checking the ballot box, giving the ballot papers to other members in the Union and gathering 29 proper votes from 29 members.

While waiting for the Scrutineers’ Committee to work outside, some members of the Youth Union had presented several performances to entertain the other members. Do Quang Anh (playing the guitar) together with the voice of Vu Hoang Tu A and Phan Quang Manh had performed the songs “One Family”, “Love yourself” and “Strange”.

The Scrutineers’ Committee announcing the results

After that, the Scrutineers’ Committee finished their mission and announced the voting rate as well as the new executive  committee of class 10 Physics 2’s Youth Union in the school year 2019-2020. The elected members were: Do Quang Anh- Vice president of the Union, Nguyen Hoang Hieu-Vice Secretary of the Union and  Hoang Lam Binh- Member. The new executive committee of the school year 2019-2020 was introduced and finally, on behalf of the Secretaries’ Committee, Nguyen Hoai Minh read the Union’s resolution and ended the meeting of class 10 Physics 2’s Youth Union at 11.20 a.m on 18/9/2019, abiding by the 45-minute rule required.

On behalf of the School’s Youth Union, teacher Truong Nam Phuong gave his comments and compliments to teacher Pham Vu Bich Hang- Head teacher of class 10 Physics 2 and all the members of the class’s Youth Union for the preparatory, organizing, arranging steps,... Besides, he also encouraged the representatives from other Youth Unions to consult the organizational step and the texts used in the meeting of class 10 Physics 2’s Youth Union. 

The meeting of class 10 Physics 2’s Youth Union had ended successfully. The new executive committee will hopefully lead the Union to accomplish the suggested missions, helping to contribute to a better and stronger future of Hanoi Amsterdam High School’s Youth Union.


Interviewer: Nguyen Hoai Minh- Physics 2 19-22

Interpreter: Vu Minh Tam - English 2 18-21