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Seven unforgettable years at Ams

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 22/11/2017 | 752 lượt xem

Seven years ago, from a girl who always hid from her mother to follow her sister to school to look at the small Hanoi – Amsterdam High School building on the corner of Nam Cao street, I officially became an Amser. That school year’s opening ceremony was the first at the new school, on 1 Hoang Minh Giam, but my impression of this place was unchanged: Ams was still kind and cool like a fall breeze

I still remembered at the start of 2010, the school had many changes. Moved to a new facility, but the name Hanoi – Amsterdam High School was kept in its entirety. A sky of precious memories was to be made on a new path, beautiful and dignified.


Hanoi – Amsterdam High School – a name that bears many memories


During my years of studying here, I will probably never forget the ceremonies on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 11/20.


In 2010, we were chosen to hold the  Anniversary of  Vietnamese Teachers’ Day ( 11-20 ) and Rewards Ceremony for Exemplary Teachers of the Capital. This was an immense honor, proof of achievements from the teachers and students of Hanoi – Amsterdam high School. However, the thing I remember most from that time were the words of gratitude to the teachers by Bach Dinh Vinh ( Chemistry 1, class 88-91 ). His sincere and emotional words had praised the people who have always contributed silently to the success of future generations: “… Your love  has nurtured seedlings that know how to live for others, for the future, dream of contributing helpfulness to our society… You, teachers, are the sowers, while us the students are ones who tend to them, cultivate. And the things taken from Hanoi – Amsterdam has been, is and will always be our bearing, giving us strength, accompanying us on the path of life”.


My last year of secondary school started with anticipation. 2013, a year bringing significant changes to my life. After half of the first semester carrying strange feelings of a last-grader, I once again joined the excitement of preparing for 11/20. Our wall-newspaper was heavily invested, a class of almost 50 people focusing on a piece of paper. If one did so much as moved, the whole class would shout: “Be careful not to rip the paper”. From preparing content, to decorating, framing, we did ourselves. Everyone wanted it to be perfect, as it was a gift to our teachers.


Making wall-newspaper has always been Amsers’ tradition


After the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day Anniversary ceremony, I watched an interview on the teachers’ thoughts held by the older students from Ams Television. It was a very short interview, barely 10 minutes long, but it had changed my goal for all the years I had left in life. Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, a literature teacher who has been with Hanoi – Amsterdam High School since the beginning days, shared in his sentiment: “It is the same every year, I come to celebrate November 20th, like it has become a rule. On these occasions I get to return to the school, meet with my old colleagues, meet with you students, I feel so happy… ”. His words made me feel so touched. As it turned out, teachers had such simple joy, only hoping to see their colleagues, see their old students, see how they have grown and matured, then wish them a life of happiness.


And that was the first time in my life that I truly wanted to become a teacher. Until now and maybe later, I will never regret having chosen Ams, showing up on that day, dreaming of becoming a teacher, bringing all my passion and knowledge to contribute the most I can. I had to work even harder in order to make the most of the beautiful time in life that is high school. The moment when I learnt my high school entrance exam results had told me: I belong to Ams.


Ams and I were like friends, growing closer with time. Perhaps my most vibrant memories of this place were made in grade 11. As 2015 – 2016 was the 30th anniversary since the foundation of the school. With achievements adorning the prestigious tradition of generations of teachers and students at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, this occasion became a bridge connecting Amsers of all generations. Whoever and wherever we are, we will always have our own Ams to return to.


Teachers smiled happily next to showcased photographs

That year’s Vietnamese Teachers’ Day Anniversary was in a series of events leading up to the Ceremony of the 30th anniversary since the foundation of the school. On 11/9, the exhibition “ Hanoi – Amsterdam – progress of 30 years and future ambitions” was held successfully with hundreds of photos expressing memorable moments in the establishment, construction and development of the school. But above all, on 11/11/2015, a model of the old Ams (1, Nam Cao) was erected right in the center of the new Ams (1, Hoang Minh Giam). All the memories and emotions suddenly flooded the minds of all teachers and students, the people who have always cherished those wonderful moments in their mind,  so as to again, in that moment, feel the familiar tug of the heart as though they never once parted. I encountered so many teachers who silently looked at the gate with reminiscence, and so many senior students, or even some graduated ones, standing next to each other, their smiles fluttery. My sister also came to school that day, she and her friends, the people who grew up in this place. They were all there, at the old Ams, and on that day, at a new Ams, they continued their journey with each other from all corners of the world. But there was one thing that could not be changed: They all belong to Ams.


A gate full of memories in the heart of a new Ams

7 years living under the roof of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, I have so many memories that I keep in my heart, but perhaps, these are the things that I am most impressed with. At Ams, every 11/20 is full of love, gratitude and honorable promises from each of the students to their teachers. Not only to me but to all the other Amsers, those precious memories all are our backbone for the future’s journeys – journeys imprinted with dreams made at the beginning of everything, Hanoi – Amsterdam.


Amser 10 – 17

Photos: Ams Wide Web

Translator: Vi Giang – Chinese 1720

P/s: 11/20/2017, meeting Ams again