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Post by: trangtrang | 12/08/2021 | 870 reads

On 24/7, Tran Quang Vinh - a student of 12 Physics 1 had excellently won a gold medal for Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted from the IPho 2021  International Physics Olympiad. Today, let’s interview this talented guy from the National Physics team with Ams Wide Web!

Reporter: Hello Tran Quang Vinh! Firstly, allow me to congratulate you on the excellent result in the last IPho competition.  When you received the news that you had won the Gold Medal of the contest, what was your first reaction?

TQV: Thank you very much! When I heard the news that I got the gold medal, at first, I felt very happy, but after that, I mostly feel relieved because at last, everything was over; I have finished a 3-year long journey perfectly, I have proven myself, and I didn’t let anyone down.

Reporter: This year’s IPho is hosted in the midst of the stressful COVID-19 pandemic. During the competition, did you and your teammates experience any interesting events because of it?

TQV: Our IPho’s journey started when the APho (Asian Physics Olympiad) team was assembled. From then until we finished the IPho, we had been “quarantined” at the University of Education’s dorm for three and a half months, and we were attached to Physics during that time. It was a pretty “funny” and indescribable experience, but mostly funny.

Tran Quang Vinh during the exam preparation with the IPho Physics team


Reporter: What does this Gold Medal mean to your teachers, your family, your friends who have accompanied you during the contest, and especially to you?

TQV: To me, this IPho Gold Medal marked an end to my academic journey in High School, and it is also a proof to myself that: “I can”. This Gold Medal also stands for my gratitude toward my parents and teachers who have supported me during the journey, and I hope that it will become a great pride for them.

Tran Quang Vinh (in the middle) with the IPho team


Reporter: Have you had any plan for the future, after this competition?

TQV: In the near future, I intended to participate in some domestic astrophysics research projects. I will also help our school astronomy club (Astronomy) organize stargazing sessions and share astronomical knowledge with everyone. 

Reporter: Do you have anything to tell everybody before this interview ends?

TQV: I have a few words of advice for those who are planning to participate in high school exams, especially those aiming for big competitions like APho and IPho. Try to balance between learning and experiencing; although studying a lot is great, you should also participate in other activities (there are many interesting extracurricular activities that are held in our school, for example), or else, you will get easily discouraged. And if you study Physics, don’t forget about Math, because high level Math application will be essential in participating in future exams.

Reporter: Thank you for interviewing with Ams Wide Web today!

It can be said that Tran Quang Vinh’s success is an example, a motivation for generations of Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted to learn and follow; it is also a motivation and pride for Physics teachers and teachers of Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted. We wish you always keep the flame of your passion for Physics, as well as continue to achieve great success in the near future.

Reporter: Nguyen Ha Phuong

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023

(Photos was provided by the interviewee)