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Post by: trangtrang | 15/04/2022 | 998 reads

The Eloquent is an exchange competition about English debates for 8th graders years 2021-2022 hosted by the Foreign Languages board in conjunction with HCM Young Pioneer Organization of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. The contest was held from 4/3 - 23/3 with the theme “In Time of Crisis - Paths to Wellness”. Throughout the competition, 8th graders got the chance to learn a plethora of useful debating skills as well as practical knowledge about everyday life around the globe in harsh times of the pandemic.

Teams at The Eloquent 2022 and the Organization board

At the contest this time, 7 classes of grade 8th participated in it, each having 2 teams, with a total of 14 teams of three each attending. During round one, the contestants had to make an English video from the theme raised by the speech of Pedro Sanchez - Spain’s PM: “We are starting out this year with various challenges: along with the pandemic, let us not forget to protect this planet, fight against famines, promote education around the world and promote equality. [...] I invite all of you  to speak out, stand up and take action together to promote this change”.

According to the rules, each team must make a 3-to-5-minute video about the topic and the speech must include all members. After the initial round, there were a total of 14 bright teams competing and among them, 8 most excellent ones entered the Finals.

With round 2, eight teams were designated into four corresponding groups with four rounds of debates around a host of topics. The board announcements contained much of the necessary information, such as each round’s topic, the debating formats, the rules and advice for contestants. All debating teams underwent exams to test their logical thinking and problem solving skills in Zoom and within a limited time.

Rounds of debates filled with thrill from the students

The teams all successfully and wholly shared their perspectives on the given subjects. Despite being only middle schoolers, their ways of thinking as well as their sharp reasoning, thinking and presentation skills all made an indelible impression on the Panel of judges.

At the end, 1 team won First Place, 3 teams in Second Place and 4 teams in Third Place. They are:

 - First Place: Fried Lychees (8E)

 - Second Place: HLK (8A), The Weekend Warriors (8C), 8D.1 (8D)

 - Third Place: The Hammer Wielder (8B), Gladiolus (8LF), Give Peace a Chance (8MC), 8MC.2 (8MC).

The Eloquent contest’s winning team - Fried Lychees with Nguyễn Bảo Nhi, Nguyễn Phú Thành, Đỗ Quỳnh Anh as members

The winning team’s emotional reactions

The Eloquent 2022 served as a constructive intellectual playground where students could give a try and bring out their best in new areas of interest. There, they had the opportunity to ask about numerous topics, expressed their personal opinions and talked to like-minded people. Ams Wide Web hopes that The Eloquent 2023 will continue this year’s success by creating an exciting playground once again for middle schoolers of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School!

Reporter: Nhữ Hà Xuân Anh - Geo 2124

Picture: Given by the contestants