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AGONAUT - Graduation Ceremony of 9th grade students of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted Class of 2016-2020

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 30/06/2020 | 378 lượt xem

On the morning of June 30, 2020 at Hall 200, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted held the graduation ceremony for the 9th grade students, class 2016 - 2020 in a solemn, but warm and emotional atmosphere.

Hanoi was entering the most glorious summer days with the phoenix beam lighting up the sky, with purple hues of the mausoleum on each street, and with cicadas chirping in the fresh and bustling green space….These colors and sounds were also vibrating in the hearts of each student because another school year has ended, a new stage opened before the eyes of the final grade 9 students and laid the foundation for them to pursue their dream in the future. The past 4 years- 4 years of studying under the roof of the dear Hanoi-Amsterdam school is not a long time for a person's life; but for students, it will be the most memorable years. The Graduation Ceremony for the 9th grade students of the 2016-2020 course took place in that emotional atmosphere. The ceremony is an opportunity for children to express their sincere and deepest gratitude to their parents - who gave birth and raised them to adulthood; to the teachers - the dedicated and loving boatmen who brought them to the edge of knowledge. Attending the ceremony, we had the Outstanding Teacher Bui Van Phuc - Vice Principal, Teacher Ho Quoc Viet - Vice Principal of the School, Teacher Duong Tu Anh - Vice Principal of the School along with the grade 9 homeroom teachers, parents' representatives and all 9th ​​grade students in the 2016-2020 school year.

Faculty in charge of 9th grade students Class of 2016-2020

At the beginning of the ceremony, Teacher Ho Quoc Viet, Vice Principal of the School - the representative of the school's Director Board - stood up and delivered a short speech of encouragement to the students. Teacher praised the students for their efforts and persistence over the past time because with their bright intelligence and passion to contribute, they have created roaring successes for their beloved school. In the recent exam for Excellent Students in the city, they achieved high results with 20 first prizes, 39 Second prizes, 27 Third prizes and 18 Encouragement prizes, bringing the total to 104/122. These numbers speak volume about the power of intellect, and about infinite possibilities in human capacity and will. On behalf of the Board of Directors, he praised the achievements of the Teams: the Math team with 5 first prizes, the Science team with 4 first prizes, the Chemistry and Biology teams with 3 first prizes. Other teams also won many high prizes. He sang praises for student La Chau Giang who won first prize in both Chemistry and Science, and student Dinh Pham Nguyen Hang who won First Prize in Physics and Second Prize in Science.

Teacher Ho Quoc Viet - Vice Principle of the School - making a speech at the ceremony

In this meaningful ceremony, he also reminded the children to share their deep gratitude to the parents and the teachers who taught and guided them. He thanked the parents who gave birth to excellent children, and the teachers who have always accompanied them on the journey to explore the vast world of knowledge, for giving them profound lessons on how to cherish life and love. The teachers ignited a flame of passion for the children to learn and contribute. He also expressed his profound belief that youth, love and aspiration will strengthen them on the long journey of life, and that they should learn well to succeed. He further encouraged the students to be optimistic, virtuous, loving and humble to become a good person. His words read, “Let ignite the flame of passion and creativity in your heart, let realize your dreams of becoming “argonaut” astronauts.” And finally, he also hoped that the students would always be proud of themselves and work towards a bright future for Hanoi - Amsterdam.

On behalf of the parents of grade 9 students, the Representative of the Parent Union respectfully invited the teachers in the School Faculty to receive well-meaning gifts from parents and all 9th ​​grade students. The gift was the deepest gratitude that parents and children wanted to send to the school for all the wonderful moments they had enjoyed throughout the 4 years here. 

Representative of Parent Union presented Teachers of The School’s Board of Director with flowers

Representative of Parent Union presented Teachers of The School’s Faculty with flowers

Next on the agenda, class 9A student Tran Binh Minh represented more than 200 grade 9 students to send his most sincere thanks to his parents and teachers. His sincere sharing was also the message that the students wanted to send to all the teachers who had been mentoring them during the past 4 years. From the depths of their hearts, they deeply understood the boundless sacrifices of teachers and no matter where, no matter how long, they would always be students of teachers and students of Hanoi-Amsterdam. The teachers could trust that the children of Hanoi-Amsterdam who were now grown up would use valuable knowledge to achieve successes that were worthy of everyone's expectations. Closing the ceremony, the children also eagerly sent their beloved homeroom teachers with fresh flowers representing their deep gratitude. The precious love and knowledge that teachers had given them would always be a stable foundation to support us on our journey in life.

Tran Binh Minh - the representative of grade 9 students - expressed his gratitude to the teachers

We wish you, Amsers of 9th grade, a lot of fun and luck, and wish you all the best on the upcoming exam to write more glorious history pages for the school. Hopefully in the next 3 months, we will be reunited under the roof of our dear Hanoi-Amsterdam school to study together in the coming high school years. Farewell, but only to meet again, because Ams is home.

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Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821