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Teacher Tuong Lan Chi: "Return to Ams, where beautiful memories bloom again"

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 01/12/2019 | 326 lượt xem

Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20th, is a day for students to deliver love messages and profound gratitude towards beloved teachers - devoted and considerate "boatmen" that we can never forget in our lives' next journeys. To commemorate the merry atmosphere of this special holiday, let's listen to the deep, relatable and warm feelings of teacher Tuong Lan Chi, a Literature teacher who deeply understands students' sentiment, who is always enthusiastic and knows how to inspire students to learn, making supposedly tedious Literature lessons become extremely enjoyable.

Teacher Tuong Lan Chi

Reporter: Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for agreeing to attend today's interview. Now, can you tell me until this year, how many times have you experienced Vietnamese Teachers' Day as a teacher? 

Up until today, I have shared this holiday's joy together with my students for 4 years.

Reporter: To you, how is November 20th special among other holidays?

Of course November 20th will be very different from other days because this is a special day only for teachers. Firstly, November 20th is a chance for me to reminisce about the people who have guided, assisted and educated me to become more mature and independent in the golden days of learning. Especially, my previous teachers have now become my colleagues, which makes me very happy. Moreover, on November 20th, I receive a lot of endearing and heartfelt love from students of the school in which I used to study. This has always evoked numerous heart-warming feelings in me.

Reporter: According to my knowledge, you used to be a student of Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted. Then how is taking part in this holiday at the school you previously learned different as a teacher from as a student?

It is strikingly different, dear. Though both roles involve studying and working at this beloved school, when I was a student, I would be the one to express my gratitude towards teachers. Now, in a different role, of course I still keep my deep sentiment towards teachers, but there are numerous students remembering about me, too. That is a fairly special thing! Besides, I can participate in ceremonies for teachers or musical performances presented by teachers. These are all very fun, memorable and different from back then.

Teacher Lan Chi with her joyful looks in Vietnamese traditional ao dai

Reporter: Having experienced several Vietnamese Teachers' Days, do you still have same emotions as the first time this holiday came? 

To me, the more I experience this holiday, the more it becomes special, because as time goes by, I will get to know more students with distinct characteristics. This is the reason why the day of November 20th has always been surprising, interesting and heart-warming. 

Teacher Lan Chi, standing at the first line, the ninth person looking from the right

Reporter: Which celebration are you most impressed? 

I'm very impressed with a class which are no longer students of the school. That day, they were 12th graders, though I was teaching 10th graders, they went to the C section to congratulate me on November 20th with touching and lovely handmade cards. There is also one time that still lingers. A class of seniors, on November 20th, on Literature lesson, they didn't allow me to enter the class and pleaded me for later entrance. I was surprised and didn't understand what they were doing, but when I entered the class, I was completely amazed. They had decorated the class tastefully and then wore lovely hats to sing and give me presents. Those are two times which I'm most impressed by during Vietnamese Teachers' Day after all those years.

The picture of Ms Chi and her students - the fifth person looking from the left

Reporter: Lastly, do you have any wishes that you'd want to come true after this special event?

I hope all of the teachers will maintain their best health condition to continue their jobs successfully. I hope my beloved students can wholeheartedly study and play to have memorable high school time and wonderful youth while acknowledging yourselves grow everyday!

On behalf of the students of Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and I hope you will always be healthy, optimistic and continue to guide next generations of students successfully. I hope you have a happy Vietnamese Teachers' Day!

Reporter: Luu Gia Dinh - Chinese-English 1922

Translator: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821