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Teacher Le Thi Ngoc Ha - an undying flame of motivation

Post by: trangtrang | 01/11/2019 | 2249 reads

Having worked at the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted for fifteen years, teacher Le Thi Ngoc Ha is a prominent teacher of the Chemistry department, and the leading teacher of many generations of chemistry teams that have won high achievements for the country and the school. But more than that, she is a gentle mother, a source of inspiration for every student. On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day on November 20, let’s listen to her thoughts and sharings on this noble profession!

Interviewer: Teacher, thank you very much for your time for the interview today! Can you share your reasons for choosing to be a teacher?

Teacher: The reason I chose to become a teacher is probably because I wants to do good things, to help people, and to live a meaningful life. Inspired by my amazing teachers, she chose to pursue this profession. And I thought I had made the right choice, as my sentiments for the children affirmed that. Discovering the interest and hidden potential in every child is probably my goal in education.

Interviewer: Can you share your feelings on Vietnamese Teachers' Day?

Teacher: I really appreciate the honor given to the teachers on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20. In her my of spreading the fire of inspiration, such occasions make me feel like I’m motivated by the trust and respect of students and parents across the generations. Especially, that the former classes of mature students still remember is, to me, a great source of encouragement. 

Interviewer: Teacher, during your whole student life and your working time as a teacher, which one is your most memorable November 20?

Teacher: Perhaps it was November 20 the year when the University of Pedagogy held its anniversary. Meeting teachers who had guided me while I was still a student, who taught her many lessons and experiences made me feel that my career choice was absolutely right. Since then, she felt even more motivated to continue passing the fire of inspiration to the next generations to become classes of people who think and live beautifully.

Interviewer: Teacher, during the time you were still students, which teacher do you love and admire the most?

Teacher: He is a Math teacher who was the head teacher of my class during high school years. He is a very exemplary and whole-hearted teacher. Every time he gave lessons, he put all the problems and concerns aside. The lectures seemed to be endless, and he always expressed deep regret when all the teaching period was over. My friends from class 84-87 are very successful, but everyone is connected to each other, all sharing a genuine, trusting life view. Now my teacher is old and no longer lucid. On our visit to my teacher, being recognized by him is a great honor to everyone.

Interviewer: Teacher, do you have any message for the students in the school who also pursue teaching profession?

Teacher: I really appreciate your dream of being the one to spread inspiration because it is a dream of doing good things. Becoming a good teacher requires not only knowledge but also the soul. Constantly upgrading your expertise and understanding your students will yield good educational outcome.

Teacher Le Thi Ngoc Ha and student Pham Mai Phuong shared the joy of winning gold medals in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) during the 2013-2014 school year.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20, on behalf of the editorial board of the Ams Wide Web, I would like to wish you health and hope that you would continue being a source of inspiration for every student. May you continue to achieve more on the path of teaching and inspiring future generations.

Interviewer: Pham Minh Anh - Literature 1821

Translator: Tram Anh - English 1 1720


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