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[NHAT'18] Animation Festival - A ticket to childhood memories

Post by: trangtrang | 06/09/2018 | 2929 reads

Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2018 is gradually reaching the final stage. Before entering the finale to find the owner of the prestigious title Most Wanted Class, students from the 12 majors gathered for the last event entitled "Animation Festival", where famous animated movies are the main inspirations for creative team games. In the joyful atmosphere of the national back-to-school day, the event left unforgettable feelings in the hearts of the Amsers.

As soon as the formal opening ceremony was over, the Amsers from the twelve specialized blocs quickly arrived in the BC lounge with a very energetic spirit. Having on the signature shirt of their own classes along with 12 proud waving flags, the students expressed their enthusiasm, confidence and determination to win.

The special feature of this last event is that the twelve specialized divisions are divided into three unions, a chance for individual groups to unite and bring their union to victory. The winner will be given 100 points, the second group will get 70 points and the third will get 50 points added to all the individual classes in the alliance. In addition, each teams can increase their score by betting points on the union they believe will most likely win.

In the first round, the teams will have to compete within their union to find the order for each individual teams. Taking on the form of the giraffe, the Literature-Math-Biology-History Union joined the Madagascar game, using three plastic cups stacked up to bring the ball to the goal. This seemingly simple-looking game turns out to require a lot of grace and delicacy in movements. Using this to their advantage, the beautiful girls from Literature Class successfully came in the first place, topping the entire Union.

Next to play is the Physics-Chemistry-Geography-Chinese Union with the game Pororo. The challenge is to throw plastic balls into baskets while jumping in bags to score, which by no means embarrassed or confused the teams. With an outstanding score miles away from the opponent, the Geography Class won the top spot in the league.

Being the last alliance to join, but the spirit of the French-English-Computer Science-Russian Union was not in the least diminished. Taking the image of penguins, the alliance took part in the highly anticipated Ice Age game. To earn points for the team, the player must suck and hold the ball in front of a straw and move quickly to the destination goal. After intense plays, the French Class team came in first place with a stellar performance.

The second round is the most anticipated round of the Unions, with all classes showing their unity by shouting out the slogan of their union, making the atmosphere more joyous than ever.

The first game, Rapuzel, requires a lot of ingenuity and meticulousness: players must wrap around their necks a rope connected to a hoop and then move both the hoop and rope to the final goal. Albeit challenging, the game was skillfully played by our well-prepared boys and girls.

With the game Brave, players must carry a plastic ball from the starting line moving zigzag through all the obstacles on the way to the finish line. With excellent teamwork, the teams not only demonstrated formidable strength but also great precision in their technique of throwing balls, winning points for their alliances.

The last game, Cinderella, challenges teams to get two members, each getting one of their feet tied to the other's, to hop from the starting line to the a basket, where they had to find the ball with the class' logo to win points for their unions.

After the intense yet ecstatic hours, to the cheering of 12 individual teams, the title of the 2018 Animation Festival champion went to the Geography Class, as well as the Physics-Chemistry-Geography - Chinese Union.

Closing the "Animation Festival", the twelve classes had all bolstered the "work hard, play hard" and very creative Amser image. This final event also signaled the finale of the 2018 Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, which is coming very close. We wish the 12 classes the best preparation possible to be ready for a thrilling and memorable finale.


Reporter: Minh Thu - Van 1619

Photo: NHAT Media

        Hoai Thanh - France 1720

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