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The impressive talent round of Ams Ambassador 2018

Post by: trangtrang | 09/05/2018 | 1048 reads

The talent round of the contest Ams Ambassador 2018 took place on May 9th 2018 at the 700 Hall with many entertaining and skilful performances.


The show opened with the performance of Tran Nhat Nguyen and Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh. The talented two choreographed a dancesport act based on a story about a boy and a toy doll. Their complex dance steps along with the creative plotline had impressed the judges and audience greatly.

Phuong Anh and Nhat Nguyen during their performance

Following it was a play adapted from the legend "Son Tinh Thuy Tinh" ("The Mountain God and the Water God") by the contestants Cao Xuan An and Dinh Bao Trong. Here, princess Mi Nuong became the main character, a girl who fell in love with the Water God but was married off to the Mountain God. The internal struggles of the princess were interestingly shown through music, painting and lamenting dialogues. They had taken a fresh and modern approach to the story. The performance was a great mix of drama and artistry and was impressive to the audience.

Xuan An as Mi Nuong with the piano

Not only talented in drama, Amsers are also talented with music. With their lovely voice and sorrowful violin music, Nguyen Do Ha trang and Ta Mai Anh made the hall go silent as they started singing "Hat bui nao hoa kiep than toi" ("Which speck of dust would become of me"). Ha Trang’s high tone and slow notes received many compliments from the judges.

An especially impressive performance was the short play "Vo nhat" ("Gleaned Wife") put on by Le Tri Nghia and Vu Nam Trang Linh. The hauntingness of the 1945 famine was skilfully recreated in a hilarious but also painful way. The talented actors took the audience on a ride from scenes fill with laughter to thoughtful ones. Their performance received an overall score of 10/10

The talent round ended successfully with impressive performances. AWW would like  to congratulate the contestants on finishing your performances and we hope you will do well in the next rounds !

Reporter: Nguyen Do Khanh Vi – Literature 1720

Translator: Vi  Giang – Chinese 1720