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Memorable milestones of Hanoi- Amsterdam High School through each opening ceremony

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 04/09/2018 | 1354 lượt xem

A new school year is again approaching, promising a new breath of life to our beloved high school. Over the past 30 years, the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School has been constantly striving to innovate and upkeep its reputation. Before the beginning of the 2018 - 2019 school year, let's take a reminiscent look at some memorable starts of the school year in the past.

1985: The first opening ceremony of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

In the 1980s, with the emergence of specialized schools, the Hanoi People's Committee and Hanoi Department of Education and Training decided to build a comprehensive school aimed at training students with special capabilities in specific subjects. The school went into construction in 1985 in Nam Cao Street.

The first school year began on September 5, 1985 with approximately 400 students and 50 teachers. First-year students are transferred from different high schools in Hanoi.


The former Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted at 50 Nam Cao (now Nguyen Trai High School)

2000: Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted received Second Class Labor Order and was awarded the Heroic Unit

After 15 years of development, the name Hanoi - Amsterdam became increasingly popular with significant achievements of both teachers and students. The school's students and teachers have made a name for not only the school but also for the country on an international scale. In recognition of this great contribution, in 2000, the school was awarded the Second Class Labor Order and at the same time was awarded the Heroic unit. The school has always regarded this as a motivation to continue to strive to become the top public school of the capital and the country.

2015: The 30th anniversary of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

2015 is an important milestone in the development of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. During those 30 years, the school has developed generations of talented students and socially responsible citizens. Many alumni of the school went on to find success all over the world. Every year, the school brings in hundreds of International, National and Regional prizes in various competitions. To commemorate the school's 30th anniversary, in the beginning of the school year 2015-2016, the school has constructed the Geographical Garden with many modern facilities to provide the best learning environment for students. Not only that, the Hanoi-Amsterdam Students Association organized a series of events called "Homecoming - Return Days" with the highlight being the short film "DreAms".


Photo exhibition on the Hanoi High School - Amsterdam on the occasion of 30 years


Poster for DreAms movie

2017: The official inauguration of the Traditional Space

The highlight of the opening ceremony of the 2017 - 2018 school year is the inauguration of the Traditional Space - a work that represents the image of a modern and professional high school that is constantly innovating itself to reach new heights. In just one year, the school has collaborated with experts from the Vietnamese Women's Museum and the Quaibranly Museum to develop the  design and content for the area. Coming to Traditional space, one will have a panoramic view of all facets of the Hanoi High School - Amsterdam throughout the past 30 years.


A corner of Traditional space at the 2nd floor of the A lounge

Achievements displayed in Traditional Space

2018 - 2019 is getting closer and closer. What will be the new changes made to our Hanoi - Amsterdam High School this year? Let's all wait and see.

Reporter: Ha Mi - Trung 1619

(Photo: Internet)