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[Happy Teachers' Day 20/11] : Nguyen Thi Thom: Hanoi - Amsterdam is a journey

Đưa lên bởi: trangtrang | 14/11/2017 | 736 lượt xem

It was a beautiful November 20th full of breeze and sunshine - a wonderful day to send love to our adored ones. Our physics teacher Nguyen Thi Thom is a person who has always earned the admiration and affection from the students, for her devoted heart and interesting lectures. On the Vietnamese Teachers' day, let's have a listen to Ms. Thom's sincere sharing in the following interview.

Reporter: First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to participate in the interview! Of all the options, you chose Ha Noi - Amsterdam as the starting point for your "ferry journey to the shore of knowledge", so over a period of time how do you feel about the learning environment, about the teachers and students here?



From the very first days of school, I learned that Hanoi - Amsterdam is a very good studying environment. Our school provides sufficient facilities and equipment for learning. Especially, the students are given the opportunity to be involved in a lot of extracurricular activities such as joining their favorite clubs, participating in festivals, competitions,...  which do a lot to help them develop individual capacity and their maturity as well. To be honest , I indeed admired the students of Amsterdam High School because they are not just smart, gifted but also dynamic and having many "talents" .. At the same time, I likewise respect many teacher in our school, whose talents are equally incredible to their professional qualifications.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Thom on the final day of the Road to Mount Olympia (second person from right)


Interviewer: Having spent a long time here, you must have a lot of enduring memories. Can you share with us the one that left you most impressed?


To celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day on November 20, my class organized a party with dishes prepared by my students themselves. That day has covered the whole range of our emotions: first was the excitement of preparation, then the anxiety, the confusion when some of the cakes got burned, and finally the joy when we can enjoy the dishes cooked by ourselves. My happiest moment that day was me receiving a gift - a cake topped with hearts and flowers filled with all the love and respect that are meant for me.


Reporter: The students studying under her your teaching all say that you are a very talented, gentle and affectionate person. How do you feel when you receive these compliments?


About talent,  I myself think I do not deserve such recognition . Actually, through the years of teaching at the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, along with good situations and questions of students, she have acquire a great deal of knowledge and teaching methods. I think that every teacher needs to never stop learning, improving knowledge, updating  information and social knowledge to meet the constant learning demands of students. As for the tenderness and affection, I suppose that this is an advantage for me and  many other teachers, to help me become closer, to understand the students , so that their relationship will be more cohesive, thanks to it the learning process will become significantly  more effective.



Miss Nguyen Thi Thom on being awarded with "Excellent Valedictorian"


Reporter: Students nowadays often have complex thoughts and psychology of "adolescence". To you, how can teachers understand more about their own students and vice versa?


High school students tends to be "stubborn" at home. However, at school they still listen to the teacher, so the role of each teacher in association with family to educate students is very important. I thinks every teacher should dwell on providing more care, closeness to students and dedication in each lecture. Then the students will gradually feel your enthusiasm and start to have a good impression of the teacher and willing to share things with an open mind and sincere attitude.




Miss Nguyen Thi Thom is always radiant with smile


Interviewer: And finally, on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20/11, what wishes would you like to give to the teachers?

This 20th of November, I also want to send the best wishes to the teachers - the dedicated ferrymen on the journey to the shore of knowledge! Wishing you good health, enthusiasm and success to continue to contribute to the country's education

Reporter: Thank you for your sharing!

Listening to Miss Thom's sharing, I realized I love her even more. Not only is she a devoted teacher, she is also a loving mother, a close friend to every student. On the occasion of Vietnam Teachers' Day, I wish you good health and happiness, to have more success on the path of educating students and to constantly radiate your enthusiasm through enthralling lectures.


Reporter: Thuy Trang - 1720 Van

Picture: Teacher Nguyen Thi Thom