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An article for entering the school’s writing contest


A few words to readers:

The author of the composition MS31 is professor Dao Thien Khai – Former Principal of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School from 1995 - 1998. He epitomized the teacher devoted to his students, always showing his love and affection towards them and also Hanoi – Amsterdam high school. Therefore, he is loved and respected by many generations of students every now and then.

On the occasion of a new school year – an extremely significant one, which marks the 30th anniversary of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, the Website’s Editorial Board is pleased to introduce the article: School’s Name, Students’ Names by professor Dao Thien Khai. We wish you and your family all the best. We also wish our former teachers good health, fortune and happiness in life, and hope that you will continue to bring to readers your mesmerizing poems and proses.


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of our school


In the last century, when we were young, to encourage learning, our parents and teachers would constantly remind us: “ You should try to study well in order to pass the high school entrance exam and go to “BƯỞI”school, today called Chu Van An High School. This school is renowned for many Vietnamese revolutionaries, scientists, artistic talents were its former students. In other words, some of the most outstanding people in our society had a firm background in Bưởi school.

In 1985 (the period during which the capital city was reconstructed), Hanoi made a decision to found a high-educational quality school. After that, it was established and named as Hanoi – Amsterdam High School to commemorate the help of Dutch people in its construction. At that time, it was located in Giang Vo neighborhood; the inhabitants there called it AM for short.

After decades of activity, the school has, modestly saying, gained credibility towards Hanoi citizens. One time, I was going by taxi, and the taxi driver struck up a conversation with me and proudly said that he was overloaded with satisfaction and joy as his son had passed the AM entrance exam. Recently, in a television broadcast, there has been a scene in which a reporter asked two little children about their aspirations, and both replied that they would do their best to have a place in the 6th grade of AM.

In the first ten years, everyone acknowledged AM is a short but unmistakable name. However, after the beginning of the 21st  century, in spoken language, we still call it AM, but in written form, AMS has been used (with an S). This word is recognized in most students’ yearbooks. This additional S evokes the students’youthful spirits. In the age of intergration and renovation, AMS is chosen by the students as a mean to emphasize their ambitions towards reaching the world.

Then,AMSER is derived from this word. A foreign teacher oncetold me that I was also an AMSER, but I clarified that only students of the school can use the name. Nonetheless, there is a special case: a person whose wife or husband has been an Amser is “honorably” called an AMSER in – law.

Each year, around 500 students graduate from Hanoi - Amsterdam. After 30 years, there are approximately tens of thousands of Amsers in Hanoi, but many more in when leaving the school, they always bear in mind that:

“Once Amsers, forever Amsers.”

There is a saying among the students:

Whenever you don’t know anything, try googling it.

In this case, even Google has to give in, though.

2/ 2015

Dao Thien Khai




“Once Amsers, forever Amsers"



The organization board of the writing contest “Hanoi – Amsterdam and our teacher” would like to announce: In recent time, we have received many wonderful articles written by numerous teachers and students. We deeply appreciate the positive respond of participants in the contest.


Up until now, the contest has entered the final stage. We hope that teachers and students will continue to send in their writings to the address: Deadline for submissions is on10/11/2015.


The organization board will review all articles from 11/11/2015. Results will be announced on 12/2015.


Any specific information about the contest, please clickHERE 



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