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Conversation with Ms. Dang Thanh Hai (Literature 13-16) - A former Amser who is the valedictorian of Journalism Major: "Ams is the launch pad for previously rejected dreams"

Post by: trangtrang | 15/09/2020 | 1411 reads

Dang Thanh Hai (Literature 13-16) once placed third in the 2016 National Merit Competition. This helped the former Amser get a direct entry to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Journalism Major immediately after. According to Thanh Hai, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has helped her acquire many things, from friendship to knowledge, but the most important thing was helping her find her true passion.


Reporter: Hello! How did you feel when you received the news that you were the valedictorian of Journalism Major in the University of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Entrance Exam in 2020?

Ms. Hai: When I received the list of admitted students, I felt overjoyed because the effort spent during the past 4 school years has proven its worth. Receiving the results, a lot of my family and friends sent me their congratulations. I think making others proud is also an appreciable achievement.

Reporter: I heard that you have had a history of studying under the roof of Hanoi - Amsterdam School, can you tell us what you have received and what is the most memorable memory to you?

Ms. Hai: In 12th grade, I was fortunate enough to be selected into the National Literature Team, and was even more fortunate to have won the third prize. This award is a "golden ticket" to help me get admitted directly to the University without having to take the entrance exam. So according to me, this is a very valuable thing, because Ams, as well as the teachers, has helped facilitate this, and has partly helped me mature into who I am today.

On the other hand, Ams has helped me realize what my true dreams are. Previously, I was quite "stubborn" and quiet. I did not know what my passion was, nor what major I liked. In 11th grade, I enrolled in Ams Wide Web, and like a charm, the club helped me gradually realize my love for writing. After gathering news, being a school reporter, I suddenly realized that I was very interested in running around, interviewing people, observing and recording everything from my perspective. At that time, I thought, "Well, it turns out my dream is to be in the Newspaper and Media industry." Since then, I have made a determination to pursue this major when I go to the university.

My 3 years in Ams were full of memories. But what will stick with me forever, an unforgettable memory, is the Ngay Hoi Anh Tai Talent Festival! How I miss the days when I was with my friends preparing the camp, practicing for the finale performance. I remember the moment when the Class Flags were simultaneously dropped in Hall A, I remember chanting with my friends at Sports Day and Culture Day - I miss the passionate and enthusiastic "feelings" which are apparent throughout every corner of the school.

Even now, I am still watching the “Talent Festival” program organized by the underclassmen, and every time I watch the clips… I become emotional and shudder at the memories of being “fired up" at such events. Additionally, the moment I will remember forever is the day I bid farewell to Ams, when the symbol of Anh Vu in the main lobby came to a 0, and we hugged and cried on stage as we parted.

Reporter: When you first entered the university environment, what difficulties did you encounter?

Ms. Hai: When entering a new environment, I couldn’t help but feel like fish out of the water. I was used to the exciting atmosphere of Ams, so when I first got to university, I was a bit sad because my classmates didn’t know each other very well, and we barely talked. It also took me a while to get to know my colleagues. One interesting thing was that, on the first day of school, having known that I was an Amser and won the National Prize, the homeroom teacher entrusted me with the Class President position - a responsibility that I had never held.

As for studying, earning credits in lecture halls was also quite different from studying in high school. Therefore, I had to try really hard to adapt to the fast-paced teaching and plenty of various practical lessons by the teachers. Each subject only lasted 15 weeks but the amount of knowledge was very heavy and the exams were also very difficult! In the first semester, I almost failed a subject because I was not used to the learning style. However, every problem has a solution, depending on each person. Once I got used to the "framework" of studying in university, it no longer felt "difficult". My Journalism Major requires students to be active and creative, and are expected to carry out various practical assignments, not just studying the theory. Therefore, I was also scolded by my parents a few times because sometimes I came home late, or was gone for the whole day. As you can see, one of the difficulties is the “parents”, you don't have to look any further!

Reporter: I heard that you just graduated, so what are your upcoming plans?

Ms. Hai: When it comes to studying, I will continue to study to get a master's or doctor's degree in order to consolidate and improve my knowledge. Additionally, I also want to take short-term courses in related subjects. In addition to the basic skills available, such as rendering, photography, and writing, I want to learn more about graphics design. There are a great deal of things to learn! At the same time, I am still balancing between studying and working.

Reporter: Your story is definitely an inspiration to generations of Amser. As a former student, do you have anything to say to the next generations?

Ms. Hai: I felt very small when compared to my many friends of the same age! I want to advise the students of the lower classes: do not give up your dreams. Before, people were opposed to me studying Journalism, no one believed I would be able to survive in the industry, but now I have proven that I can still do well on this path.

I think this can happen to many others, not just me. Maybe today, your family or friends will advise you not to pursue this dream or that passion, but consider those objections as advice and suggestions, as the decision to pursue your passion or not is entirely yours!

Reporter: Thank you for this interview. May luck and success always be with you, and may you always have your burning passion.


Reporter: Nguyen Tung Duong - History 1922

Translator: Le Minh Ha - English 2 1922

Photo: Provided by the subject.