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Professor Nguyễn Văn Lê once quoted a thinker on the teaching occupation: "If a jeweler damages a piece of precious metal, he can mould it...
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The story of an Amser Nguyen Minh Hieu- 11 Literature Class
Đăng bởi: trangtrang | 22/11/2014 | 3,729 Lượt xem
That is a dear nickname given to Mrs. Thao -a civil education teacher- by the students of Biology  12-15 class. Although I haven't studied her...
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When our form teacher asked us: “In which subject does our class have the most difficulty? Does anyone need help with Geography?”, we, 11...
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I still remember that day when we privately met and she asked me about the subject I wanted to specialize in. I still remember the way she comforted...
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(This article is a present from class 10 Physics 2 to you – our beloved homeroom teacher)


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