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Write about the dear School - Hanoi Amsterdam contest

Post by: trangtrang | 23/11/2014 | 2995 reads

The story of an Amser

Nguyen Minh Hieu- 11 Literature Class

My story is the story of a high school student who have been studying in Ha Noi- Amsterdam High School for over a year, as well as the story of a little girl who has just walked past the age of sixteen- self-contained and quiet.

Recalling the first day in HN- Amsterdam School, to be honest, I didn’t expect much then. It may sound weird as studying in such a prestigious school is the dream of anyone, but in fact, I didn’t have such an idea. HN- Amsterdam High School in my profile was simply an extra expectation, and I didn’t hope to pass the entrance exam. But above all, I always thought of it as an unsuitable environment for a person like me, who was taciturn, aloof, stubborn...and like the stability. I would certainly not be able to integrate into the environment which was known to have many cultural activities, clubs and energetic students with academic as well as social skills. That was what scared me the most, as I was always lacking in creativity, follow the conventional way of thinking, and that’s why I thought I didn’t belong to this place.

And when I entered into this school, it seemed like all my expectations came true. I realized how lonely I am just like a fish out of water, I felt that I was left behind; I knew that I was passive and somewhat desperate and monotonous.  HN-Amsterdam High School was too beautiful, too wonderful, too unrealistic a dream for me to even dream of.  There were so many talented students, active clubs, and people with their own passion. And I..., I was like a “walking corpse” – empty. But, the fact was that when everything around me went that way, I didn’t do anything about it to keep up with other people, I just stood still at the starting point waiting for someone to show me the way...

However in some miraculous way, time has changed my mind, or in other words, this school has changed my prejudice. I read a saying: “If you want success, you must embark on new paths, rather than travel on the old paths of the recognized success.” – John D. Rockefeller. It was so true to my own situation then. The school has gradually given me the confidence, an innovation, not only in the lessons that I have learned in the class, but also in the lessons of effort and endeavor, which make me understand that I will be left behind unless I try. HN- Ams have shown me my own weakness and forced me to face it, to change myself.

I always believed that I would always be aloof like that, unable to adapt to the new environment. But thanks to this new lifestyle I realize that I was left behind too far away as I keep clinging to my old way of thinking, keep on waiting for someone’s help. This time, I have learned to grow up, to catch up with other people on my own and the moment when I stand on my feet, I also start to receive from everyone around me- my teachers, my close friends. Therefore, I am really thankful to HN- Amsterdam High School for giving me a new environment, helping me get rid of my old “shell’, showing me another life, another person , giving me the chance to meet my teachers and friends who always stand by my side in the next three years and forever after.  Maybe thankfulness is not enough; I prefer to say a loving word. Love my home- HN-Amsterdam so much!

 “Once Amser, Forever Amser”

Translater: Thu Tra (A1 14-17)