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[Vietnamese Teacher's Day 20 - 11] To Ms. Cao Hải Yến with all the love of class 9A (13-14)

Post by: trangtrang | 23/11/2014 | 2210 reads

Professor Nguyễn Văn Lê once quoted a thinker on the teaching occupation: "If a jeweler damages a piece of precious metal, he can mould it again. If a gemstone is spoiled, it can be destroyed... To spoil a person is a sin, an irreversible transgression." Not only do teacher impart knowledge, they also teach humanity. They are the pines on the slopes of hills, the cinnamons in the middle of the thick forest, subtly fragrant with their intellectual  contribution. Perhaps, for all student generations of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, there is one thing from the bottom of our hearts that we would never forget: our gratitude for the teaching staff, the rowers that guide us aboard on the river of life.

Today, November 20th, I am sincerely moved to be penning these lines for you - Ms. Cao Hải Yến - our second mother. My journey in Secondary Ams was a truly long, nostalgic and eventful part of my life. I got to live under the same roof with the beloved 9A, indulging myself in the warmth of care and love of a gentle mother. My first impression of my form teacher Cao Hải Yến was of a teacher with long dark hair and a bright smile. Although well past her thirties, she still brings with herself a delicate and glamorous beauty.


She has long dark hair and always bright smiles

Having taught at the school for 15 years, she noticed certain differences among student generations from different periods, but each and every generation of Amser left her with unforgettable impressions. She said: "As time goes by, Amsers get more nimble, more active, more animated, and also more fashionable. Previous generations, the ones from my first days of teaching, tended to be plainer. Each generation has its own pros and cons, but all Amsers are very talented children who make me happy and proud."


After the grueling specialization exam at the end of Grade 7th, we had a "no eating, no sleeping summer" waiting for the results which came in Grade 8th, only to find ourselves shining with smiles and wanting to jump in delight and shouting: "Mom! Dad! I got in English class!". That felicity was ineffable, a payoff for the time we had spent learning and trying hard. So was how I came to 8A... So was how I was lucky to become a little member of the family named 8A, monitored. by you... I remember the first day with a new class, new friends: I was timid and insecure. My friends in English class were truly ingenious and shined in every field. Yet with your dedicated love and guidance, I suddenly realized how much I loved that big family 8A, 8A of naughty yet united students.

The big family 8A (12-13)


As the senior year of secondary school eventually came, 9A also got less boisterous and concentrated more on the 10th grade qualification exam. I know, there were times when we were lazy and we made you sad. We are sorry! But do you know that in those 46 innocent and childish souls was sincere repentance and profound respect for you? Even at such moments, you were not criticizing us; instead, you taught us invaluable lessons and human etiquette.


The ever glowing smile on 8A's (12-13) second mother


Thanks to you, literature became less rigid than I had imagined. You said that "Literature is a field of art. People who pursue a field of art need to have aptitude. There are fields in which mere effort cannot lead to success if there is neither special gift nor burning passion. Literature demands an open heart, a sensitive, delicate soul to receive every sentiment from other people and to convey our hearts' messages." Each and every of your lesson was happiness for us. You had a dulcet, inspirational tone that kindled in us not only the fire of love for Literature but also interest and enthusiasm in it as a studying subject. We are proud to have you as our form teacher!


Ms. Yến in the opening ceremony (one with the purple ao dai standing in the middle)


Not only is she dedicated to her students, Ms. Cao Hải Yến also assumes the role of a scrupulous and caring mother who cares for her children with her whole heart. She mothers two adorable little girls, one in grade 5th, one still in nursery school. Apart from her teaching time, she spends time nurturing and educating her children at home. Even though life can be hard here and there, I wish you invariable happiness because we, your 46 other children, are always by your side, always ready to give you a hug and share with you every bit of joy and sadness.


9A loves you for a million countless reasons. We love you just as we love our very own mothers. We love you because you are so, so gentle! When you reprove us, we still feel in your eyes beams of warm affection for us. We love you because you are so understanding! You always spend time talking to the class, paying attention to each of your little students. We love you because you are gregarious and stylish! And many, many more special things about you that harbor in the heart of all 9A students.


Ms. Yến's conviviality and loveliness on Photo Day with 9A


"I really love 9A of last year. At this point, I have been in charge of a new class, yet I still remember you fondly. I love because you were talented and made great breakthroughs in the grade 10th exam preparation period. But what I love most about you was you sincere affection. Having accompanied you for 2 years, I always feel that you are very united and connected. You live simply yet earnestly and full of love." - Ms. Yến shared her feelings about last year's 9A class.


Now, the family 9A - your tiny, silly children - cannot have the opportunity to live under one roof, taken care by your very hands. We must leave that home in search of our own horizon. We all know that hardships are waiting for us, but that does not deter us from hoping, dreaming, pursuing our dreams, and spanning our free wings because we know that whenever we look back to that old horizon, there, still caring for us, still attending to our every move on our paths to maturity is a mother.


Uncle Ho - the people's great teacher, taught the nation: "For ten years' happiness, plant a tree. For a hundred years' happiness, plant a person." The light of conscience and knowledge always enlightens. The fire of intellect and passion of the people who "plant people" has strengthened the belief: "teaching is the noblest of the noble occupations." On the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher's Day November 20th, with all gratitude and eternal respect, I, on behalf of class 9A (13-14) would like to dedicate to all teachers working at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted in general and our gentle mother in particular million love and best wishes. We wish you will always be healthy, youthful, beautiful, happy in life and remember to guide each generation of Amsers to maturity with a smile on your lips.


Class 9A (13-14) loves you very much!


On behalf of Class 9Awesome (13-14): Nhật Linh - Literature 1417

Translator: Nguyen Tien Thanh - A1 1316