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Things you don't know about the logo of Ams

Post by: trangtrang | 02/03/2015 | 3709 reads

In 30 years, the logo has always been on the left side or in front of the hearts of generations of students. Simple as it is, it represents the pride, love and attachment to the school, not just in 30 years, but forever…

Perhaps the warm feeling has never disappeared when the students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted put on their uniform. The familiar blue logo in front of the heart has followed Amsers everywhere, proving “Ams is home”, the place where they belong, where they just want to come back. On the occasion of the school’s 30th anniversary, let’s find out the meaning of this special logo!


The logo of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School For the Gifted



The logo of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School For the Gifted is designed based on the two first letters of the official name of the school, Hanoi – Amsterdam. H (the first letter of Hanoi) and A (the first letter of Amsterdam) are derived from the name of the capitals of Vietnam and the Netherlands.



The letter H is stylized into an “open book”, representing the idea that Hanoi – Amsterdam High School For the Gifted is an educational establishment with the function of training gifted students in Hanoi specifically, and Vietnam generally. This is the pearl of Hanoi and Vietnam.


The letter A represents the “pen point”, expressing the idea that Ams is a knowledge environment, allowing students to learn creatively; The pen points upward with the sharp end corresponds to the top of the A – the first letter of the alphabet, emphasizing the fact that the school aspires to be on top of the High Schools For the Gifted system of Vietnam and the world. The sharp point also represents the outstanding study achievements, as well as the creativity and incessant dedication recognized by Vietnam society and the world.


The globe figure in the logo represents the educational thought of the school: always open to the world; Amsers have earned many awards in international competitions (Olympiads); the school has also established a lot of exchanges, co-operated with other high schools, universities and organizations around the world; Former students of the school not only live and study in Vietnam but also work and develop well in many countries.


The square logo is the harmonious combination of images (the book, the pen point, the name of the school, the globe) creating a perfect whole.


The two colors, blue and white, are used because: white represents the innocence of the students’ age; blue represents the dynamism of the school, the color of the sky and the sea, the aspiration to reach out to the world.


And when we have this logo with us, it means we are Amsers forever. “Once Amser, forever Amser.”

Translator: Phuong Ha  A1-1-16