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Hanoi-Amsterdam, the school with the breath of the modern world

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With the utmost admiration and appreciation, a group of students from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has worked together to create a meaningful video clip not only about their school but also showcasing the best aspect of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.

With the fast-moving pace of life going on Hoang Minh Giam street everyday, Hanoi-Amsterdam was built, taking the address “no.1” to join in the atmosphere of a modern world.



People often said to me: “Your school, Hanoi-Amsterdam, is really nice right?”

I often replied with a smile and a nod. I found my fortunate enough to study in really modern and advanced school.


At the beginning of the clip, the students slowly started from the school’s gate onward. Then, as these students go inside, the audience is led into the atmosphere of the school which is not only full of dreams but is also illuminated by the bustling of life here.

The classroom buildings are divided into three blocs, which are all connected by the hallways for students and teachers to move between the blocs. All blocs are five-story tall including the basement with classrooms for the specialized classes and laboratories. All classrooms are fully equipped with studying and teaching equipment. The thing that I like best about the classroom, however, is actually the long window that runs the width of the room. The window looking outside gives me a really refreshing feeling. Moreover, we are also allotted our lockers to keep our personal belongings.



All the buildings were newly constructed

 Next to the studying blocks are the dining hall, computer rooms and library. Apart from the dining hall for students, they can also buy breakfast and snacks at the school canteen. Students especially like this place because it is really spacious and airy for them to have a chat or to study with each other. The computer lab is divided into many rooms to cater for the needs of all students. The sports hall covers a fairly large area with a swimming pool on a side. Inside the sports hall, students have a large space to play different sports such as basketball, badminton, etc.

The classrooms are modern and spacious

The school office is right next to the classroom blocs, which are connected to building A by a hallway. Apart from the main office, there is also a 700-seat theatre for all the big events, showcases and competitions organized by the school. With smaller-scale events, the school usually utilizes the 200-seat auditorium in the classroom blocs.

Hallways connecting different building blocks


The school lobby is always filled with sunlight…


Basketball court and football pitch

The school also has other functioning office such as the medical room, experiments rooms for biology, symbol tower, geographical garden, biological garden. The school field is where will have the flag rising ceremony every week, the school opening and closing ceremony as well as other events or other bonding activities organized by students between the lessons.


Coming to such an excellent and fulfilling environment, students like me always find ourselves in a lucky position to be able to fully utilize our capabilities in studying and extra-curriculum activities, providing us with an useful source of knowledge.


At the end of the video clip, we have followed the path of our friend to every part of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School with every moment carrying extraordinary feelings. As an Amser myself, after watching this clip, I think not only myself but other Amsers would also feel proud and appreciative of every single minute studying in this prestigious school. Therefore, I would feel proud to go to anywhere and tell my friends: “I am an Amser.”

Reporter:Nguyễn Minh Hiếu - Literature 1316

Translator: Trinh Le Quang - English 1417




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