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Tet Donation 2018 - A meaningful belated Tet

Post by: trangtrang | 21/03/2018 | 421 reads

On March 18, 2018, more than 20 members of Hanoi Food Rescue organization had achieved the mission of bringing a belated Tet to the children of Cat Cat village (San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province) through the annual event of Tet Donation. More than just normal volunteer work, the trip was one of love and sharing – the sympathy of our young people with disadvantaged and underprivileged children.

Tet Donation is an event taking place after the celebration of Lunar New Year organized by Hanoi Food Rescue to collect leftover sweets that are still edible and have their packaging intact and give them to disadvantaged students. With their noble cause, after 4 years of organization, Tet Donation has attracted much interest from not only students but also the parents, gathering an impressive amount of sweets as well as delivering them to the underprivileged.


Tet Donation 2017 brought a belated Tet to the children in Hoa Binh

Over the years, Tet Donation has achieved impressive numbers of candy bags collected from various donating points at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School and many primary and secondary schools in Hanoi. If the event only collected 245 bags of sweets in its first year, in 2017, this number has reached 3500. What is more, in 2018, the record was broken once again with the number of sweets donated nearly doubling that of 2017.


Meeting the children and distributing the candy in Cat Cat village, Lao Cai province

Not only a normal volunteer activity, Tet Donation was also an opportunity for members of Hanoi Food Rescue to meet disadvantaged students, bring them the warmth of Tet and play exciting game with the children. In turn, the young adults also had plenty of memorable moments and love was spread widely.


The children were happy to receive the candy 

The organization board of Tet Donation 2018


Reporter: Minh Hue – Literature 1619

Translator: Phuong Uyen – English 1720