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Post by: trangtrang | 02/06/2022 | 329 reads

On the GALA awards night of Ams' Got Talent XIV: Chronovolite,  Cheer Ams was named the Champion of this year's AGT. With vibrant cheerleading dances and excellent teamwork, Cheer Ams always brings many surprising and interesting details through each of their performances, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of every judge in particular, as well as Amsers in general. Let's listen with Ams Wide Web to some sharing from Ngo Tran Hieu Minh - Representative and Vice Captain of Cheer Ams for the term 2021 - 2022!

Journalist (JO): Hello Hieu Minh! First of all, congratulations to Cheer Ams for winning the top spot in Ams' Got Talent season XIV and thank you for taking the time to chat with Ams Wide Web. When you were named Champion, how did you feel with the members of the club?

Hieu Minh (HM): First of all, surely when we had the honor of winning the top prize, not only me but everyone in the club felt very happy and proud because in order to create a successful performance, we had put in a lot of effort. And now, all those efforts have been paid off, all that we put into the performance, and the memories we have seemed to be worth many times more. This award and recognition is not only the pride of the club, but also the thing that makes us want to bond with each other and achieve more together in the future.

Nguyen Hoang My Linh - Captain of Cheer Ams -  shared her feelings on behalf of the club when it was named the champion

JO: As far as I know, cheerleading includes many difficult and dangerous moves. Thus, can you share more specifically about the difficulties you guys have encountered during the preparation for the competition?

HM: As everyone knows, in the movements in Cheer Ams' performance, concentration, watchfulness and everyone’s presence is necessary in not only acrobatics or somersaults in the air, but also the dance part This year, although the epidemic situation has improved, but close to the date of the show, the club still has people infected with Covid; In addition, that time was also in the second semester exam period, so it was very difficult for all members to attend practicing and arrange their schedule. The practice time this year wass also less than previous years, so we cannot avoid having problems in some techniques. But in the end, we still managed to overcome all those obstacles and put on a great performance on stage.

Cheer Ams’ impressive performance at the Ams' Got Talent XIV Finals

JO: Can you share an unforgettable memory of this Ams' Got Talent season with the club?

HM: It's difficult to talk about just one memory because it's a long process and every moment in this journey is worth cherishing. Like the fact that this year we had to move a lot between practice places due to the epidemic, and then from the times we went to eat, gather or after every late afternoon practice, the Cheer Ams members all sat in a circle to talk, confide in each other to hugs, after-performance photos, etc. As long as we do it together, it all becomes beautiful memories and memorable moments!

Cheer Ams is delighted to be named Champion

JO: Cheer Ams has achieved a lot of success through the AGT seasons. So this year, did you guys face many difficulties and pressure to show a breakthrough performance, bring new colors and not cause boredom to the audience?

HM: If everyone has been following Cheer Ams for a long time, through the AGT seasons, the Cheer Ams team has achieved a lot, and of course that will become a big pressure for us this year. In fact, each generation of Cheer Ams inherently carries its own identities and special colors. Despite the pressure, we never let that pressure affect the performance too much, such as making the movements more difficult or the somersault technique more dangerous. We always pay attention to the abilities of this year’s club members, the condition of the club, the time we have to prepare for the performance as well as the status and problems the club is facing to review and prepare the best and most suitable performance in our ability. Moreover, we try to turn pressure into motivation to cheer each other up, encourage each other, and not let everyone down.

Cheer Ams members confidently express their personality

JO: Can you reveal some future plans of the club and say a slogan that represents the spirit of Cheer Ams?

HM: Cheer Ams has not been very active this year, so the format and activities of the club are the same as in previous years. However, whether it's traditional or new, Cheer Ams always aim for one thing: when watching the club’s performances, people will always find it interesting and feel a unique color that does not repeat what we have shown. No matter what the next activity is, I hope everyone will still follow and support the club! We are so thankful for that!

Finally, to mention a slogan that represents the spirit of the club, I will say a sentence that has followed Cheer Ams from the first days until now, which is "Cheerleading is a team sport". This sentence not only shows the nature of the sport we are doing, but also contains the love each member has for each other and for the club.

Cheer Ams on the GALA awards night of Ams' Got Talent XIV: Chronovolite

More than a mere title, an award, the most precious thing in the AGT journey for each Cheer Ams member is probably the affection and spirit of a team, a family. Once again, thank you Hieu Minh for taking the time to chat with Ams Wide Web today. The Website Editorial Board would like to wish Cheer Ams more and more development and more success in the future!

Writing JO: Hoang Phuong Uyen - Literature 2023

Photos: Supplied by the club

Translator: Ngo Vu Ngan Ha - Russian 2124