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[MI12] The baloon-releasing day

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 21/04/2012 | 3360 reads

This is also the day to remind Amsers that it’s almost time for them to graduate.

This morning (18/4), ‘releasing” day – a meaningful & indispensible event of “Made in 12” (MI12), took place, featuring almost all senior students.

“Made in 12” 2012 has officially launched lately and gained a lot of concern as well as support from the students, especially from the senior ones. There still appears the original framework and events: count-down board, messages box, “ao dai” day, “releasing” day,… However, for each year, Amsers comes up with unique ideas so that there will be totally every imminent graduate will form different impressions of each annual MI12 in his memory.

May you still remember the wonderful “balloons releasing” from MI12 06-09, the colorful “spiral dropping” from MI12 07-10. Blue and white were not the colors of those balloons but also the two symbolic colors on the logo of Hanoi-Amsterdam. Following those successes of MI12 from the previous courses, this year, MI12 started with the significant “ao dai” day, which is followed by the “releasing” day characterized by MI12 09-12. This year, the balloons are of two main colors, purple and white.


Count-down notification board


Photos evoking of the previous “balloons releasing” seasons.

According to Amsers, ‘white’ represents the students, however, ‘purple’ is the color of separation. Those colors are combined together to create a message: “There is only one month left till the day we have to separate each other, and leave our beloved school. Therefore, we all have to try hard to succeed in our own path in the future.”. All participants of this event carefully wrote their own wishes on small pieces of paper, which was then meticulously tightened with colorful ribbons and tied to the balloons. When the time came, all the students started counting down from 10 to 0 in unison before simultenously releasing the balloons into the sky.


Aligned bunches of purple and white baloons

Numberous bunches of balloons suddenly flew into the sky, bringing along those beautiful wishes of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School seniors. Hope those wishes will come true in their future.


A couner of the school is filled with beautiful balloons

We playfully imitate “flying girls”

Take some poses as memories…

The wishes were then attached lovely bows


This girl is already pretty, but seems like she desires more?

Don’t forget the wishes for graduation!

Now, each one hold his own wishes

Let’s release!! Fly away balloons! Fly high so that our wishes will come true


For sure, Amsers 09-12 will never forget this day…


Once an Amser, forever an Amser

Author: Mc Jsn-TTXVN

Translator: Doan Huyen Trang (A2 11-14)

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