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[MI12 10-13] Ao Dai day: For 47 days left

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 26/08/2013 | 4325 reads

At 10:30 AM sharp, on Wesnesday, April 4 2013, began Ao Dai Day, one of the preceding events of MI12 10-13, at Hanoi – Amsterdam High school.

One second-to-none characteristic that significantly defines Amsers is the girls’ earnest wish to wear the Ao dai. While in other school ao dai is a requisite commonplace, in Hanoi – Amsterdam, it is deemed a special attire that is only worn once in the students’ whole high school life. Once for 47 days left. Once for forever.


Annually, the beginning of April marks the preceding event of MI12 10-13, Ao Dai Day, which excites all the 12-graders of the school. They rapturously made preparation for the event, in order to turn the Ao Dai Day into one of the most memorable days of their high school life.


At the outset, all the students and home-room teachers of grade 12 gathered around to take a picture of the whole grade.  Joy was written all over everyone’ s face, the joy that had been made from bittersweet memories shared by not only students but also their beloved teachers.


After that, each class chose its own place in the school to take picture. Some students posed with lovely fresh rose, others with colorful picture frame or with the displayed pictures at the Photo Wall. Happiness and satisfaction permeated the school as everyone had their high school memories beautifully captured. The boys became attractively charismatic in their suites while the girls looked radiantly winsome in the traditional white ao dai.


Immersed in joy, all the seniors were well aware of the number “47” on the countdown board; they knew that their time was running short. However, although their high school life is being counted in days, it is firmly entrenched in their hearts that they all belong to Hanoi – Amsterdam, the dear haven for the cherished memories.


And another thing they also know for sure is that Ao Dai day will be one of the most unforgettable days of their life!


Translator: Van Anh