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Made in 12 course 09 - 12: an emotional Graduation Ceremony

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 27/05/2012 | 3252 reads

On the evening of 19/5/2012, the graduation ceremony of Hanoi – Amsterdam 12th graders class 09 – 12 took place solemnly and emotionally. This year’s Made in 12 was called “Way back”.


As usual, the first part was the Gratitude and Upgrowth Ceremony in the school auditorium.

 These are memorable moments of the show that we have captured:


 Opening the show, HAT gave a great performance with dancing and singing.


 Next up, the choir of teachers and students took the stage to perform Hanoi – Amsterdam Song.


 The song brought about a proud and emotional atmosphere to everyone.


 This was followed by 11V ’s dance dedicated to 09 – 12 teachers and seniors.


In the audience, students cheered happily and enthusiastically.


Mr. Pham Van Dai, vice director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, the school principal drummed to end the successful and impressive Ceremony.

 The show actually came as a blast when the last event of Made in 12 called “Way back” started with effervescent performances that the students had spent months rehearsing tirelessly. Together they sang, danced, and enjoyed every moment of it.


First up was 12L2’s dance.





Then came the “fashion show” where different classes presented their colorful class uniforms.


12RE’s performance

 Along with amazing performances on stage, all the boys and girls of three years before, who had found everything here at Hanoi – Amsterdam new and strange to them, now watched their classes’ clips and recalled all the old, nostalgic memories that they had together.

 Then the show came close to an end and when the song “Goodbye” was played, tears were shed, as if they all desired to hold on to such moments forever.


Nothing could stop tears running down their faces.


 Even boys couldn't hide their emotions.


We held hands and shared these memorable moments.


Last tight hugs while we were still here with Ams. Let's keep the great memories.

 However, “breaking up is not to end it, but to make us remember more”. All the innocent tears, the warm hugs, kisses and all the best wishes will forever be kept in 09 – 12 students’ hearts. One day we’ll share our “way back” and “come back together”.

Correspondent: Le Duc Thuan

 Translator: Hoang Thanh Thao (A1 11-14)