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Post by: trangtrang | 30/03/2018 | 518 reads

Someone once said: “Teenage years are like clouds.” Indeed, under the sky named Hanoi - Amsterdam, particularly for all 12 majors, the 1000-day, one-in-a-lifetime journey has neared the end. Acknowledging those inner emotions of seniors, the annual event “Made in 12” has returned, making its first appearance with “Puzzle Block Day”


2th grade is the time that perhaps any of us, whenever recalled, is the most unforgettable time. The pressure from forthcoming examinations, the anxiety from every life problem, all of these are unavoidable at the tender age of 18. Especially at Ams, it’s the feeling of being stripped off every opportunity of immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere at events like NHAT, Spring Fair, ...; it’s the feeling of carrying a “duty” - the responsibility of an Amser, a student from an elite specialized high school - on one’s shoulders to get into top universities around the world. Reality aside, there’s still a feeling of separation: 12 years of study is coming to an end. We’ll have to accept being far away from friends, from teachers, from class, and from the school we’ve spent years finding and loving.

Unforgettable feelings of 12th graders in the last few days at Hanoi - Amsterdam

For those reasons, “Made in 12” is perhaps the only and last event for 12 graders, as a way to celebrate, to revisit the three-year-old fairy tale, and as a greeting, a final farewell. More importantly, the event “Puzzle Block Day” is a rare chance for 12 majors to gather together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, just like how we were at NHAT for the last two years.

This is how all 12 majors have been sticking together for the past 3 years

Exactly 10:15 a.m on March 7, 2018, all 12th graders gathered at the school’s basketball court. The laughter the seniors could even be heard on the third floor. It seemed that after months of stressful school days, they could now find true joy, one that only arises when participating in numerous extracurricular activities as Amsers. It must have been a long time since 12th graders had had this feeling, but now in a more special way, because this may have been the last time 12 majors stood side by side and laughed together.

In a way, “Puzzle Block Day” is different from other events. It’s unique to Ams, to 12 graders. Standing next to one another, on the red brick floor so familiar to Amsers, we naturally reminisced about the good old days - how we’ve grown up, how we’ve been together. How moved we were! After months of being snowed under school work, we found ourselves engaging in heartfelt conversations, taking memorable photographs. We might not have realized, but until when could we hear these voices, could we feel the youthful heartbeats again?

After NHAT, perhaps “Puzzle Block Day” is the second most unifying event. Very quickly, everything fell into place. Just with a person’s signal, a chaotic mess turned into neat lines, one after another, forming a “15 - 18” shape. It seemed like 3 years had made people become more understanding of one another. There isn’t a word capable of describing that uplifting yet sacred moment when the fly cam appeared, and the “15-18” chants filled up the well-lit sky. Waving hands, goodbyes, hugs, smiles, all have been saved completely through the camera’s lens.

That moment when everyone yelled “15-18” - the unforgettable numbers!

The first event “Puzzle Block Day” has concluded with indescribable feelings. The photo is worth the youthful years of many. Thank “Puzzle Block Day”, thank the organizers of “Made in 12”, and thank all 12 majors for making the day so meaningful!

“The youth once gone doesn’t return” - perhaps “Puzzle Block Day” has created a magical day, one that we can look back to three beautiful years, that we can realize: after all, the most important thing is that we’ve done everything together!

Reporter: Dinh Dieu Linh - Literature 17-20

Photos: (Made in 12 Organizer) Mai Nhat Minh - History 16-19

Translator: Hai Dang - English1 15-18