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Post by: trangtrang | 30/06/2022 | 223 reads

Following the directives and guides of Cầu Giấy Union detailing the organization of "Operation Red Phoenix - Exam assistance 2022", Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Union mobilized and called for all students at school to participate in the 2022 voluntary summer exam assistance activity. In the 6-day period of Hanoi's 10th grade entrance exam (17/6 - 20/6 & 29/6 - 30/6), over 120 students schoolwide have joined the operation, each of them assigned to one of the 12 shifts present at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School, ready to maintain strict order at the testing site as well as providing our examinees with necessary support in the scorching heat of summer.


In June came not only the blazingly hot weather and red phoenix blossoming in schoolyards, but also the 10th grade entrance exam - challenging, yet never able to bring down our examinees' will. With the hope of further nurturing the flame of passion and determination in each student's heart, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School students voluntarily joined the operation 2022 Exam assistance, excited and fully prepared to wholeheartedly help ensure a successful exam.

Volunteers coming to school early, all concentrated on doing their part of the work

From dusk till dawn of each passing day, our volunteers in their blue Union uniform stood by at the gates, all set and devoted to completing their own parts of the mission, including traffic control management, guiding our students to their respective testing rooms, offering drinks and dealing with other unwanted obstacles. All of the volunteers came with masks and sanitizers, preventing safety or disease issues from affecting the results of the exam.

With the help of Cầu Giấy Union, all volunteers brought out their best to complete their tasks from traffic control management to student support

The school gate view crowded with people waiting

Parents and grandparents awaiting their children at the gate

The summary weather notwithstanding, the fervent spirit of our volunteers and students did not show the slightest sign of losing heat. In the eyes of each examinee was a mindset of endurance, determination and perseverance to confidently give out their all, conquer the exam and become ever closer to enrolling in their dream school. Knowing this, our volunteers also strived to assist and give the examinees immense positive energy to sail through every subject smoothly. However small these actions may appear to be, they have nonetheless hopefully boosted these students' morale and helped them better complete their tests.

Students leaving after finishing the exam

Volunteers cheering for students after the completion of one of the exams, encouraging and motivating them to do well on their next tests

Another memorable season has ended, and operation Red Phoenix volunteers - Exam assistance 2022 has left its beautiful marks on the minds and hearts of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School volunteers. This has been a wonderful opportunity for these students to make a big impact on their community. Congratulations to all 2007 students for having tried their best on the past challenging exams; we hope that your efforts will pay off and that the gates of Ams will soon welcome you with open arms.

Reporter: Cao Thành Long - Lit. 2023

Photographer: Đinh Linh Đan - Ams. 2125

Translator: Duc Lam - English 2023