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Post by: trangtrang | 07/03/2022 | 295 reads

Ho Chi Minh’s Youth Union Central Secretariat and the Ministry of Education and Training collaborated on holding the 4th “Proud Vietnam” competition about our people’s history and culture in the years 2021-2022 for students. Students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School’s Youth Branches all joined in with enthusiasm, positivity alongside passionate patriotism.

About the competition

To realize directives from the Central Secretariat, like Directive no. 42 on 24/03/2015 regarding “Strengthen the Party’s leadership in youth education on revolutionary ideals, ethics and cultural lifestyles in 2015 - 2030”, the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union worked with the Ministry of Education and Training to hold the 4th “Proud Vietnam” competition about our people’s history and culture. 

The competition’s content included general knowledge of Vietnam history and culture; Local, ethnic history and culture; History of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Biography and cause of President Ho Chi Minh, History of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, the Vietnamese Student Association and student activism; 35 years’ achievements in national renovations (1986-2021); New perspectives and initiatives on cultural and human developments in the Party’s 8th Congress’ Documents; Cultural development strategies to 2030.

With the competition, the participants not only acquired valuable knowledge but also ignited their own passion for history and patriotism. This would, as a result, lead to a more responsible community to contribute to construction and protection of our Homeland.


What’s new in this year’s competition

The 4th competition (2021-2022) included various changes: the tests were updated with new content; The contest was held on a website: on the Thanh niên Việt Nam app; District-, city- and country-level final rounds were appropriately designed,  with the aim of push forward the use of technological apps, ensuring warm competitiveness of the movement, as well as adapting well to the current situations of COVID-19”


Hanoi - Amsterdam Students warmly welcomed the competition

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Youth Youth Branches partook in the contest with enthusiasm and positivity. 

12 Literature Youth Branch

10 English 1 Youth Branch

11 Literature Youth Branch

“I am utterly grateful for having the chance to participate in the contest. It was an absolutely wonderful experience at “Proud Vietnam”, and I’ve acquired informative lessons on Vietnam history from time immemorial, as well as kept up with the Party’s current issues in the nation’s construction. This was truly a beneficial playing ground for Vietnamese youths. If possible, I will definitely join the competition again next year.” - said Nguyễn Trương Ánh Dương from Literature 11. 

11 Biology Youth Branch’s active engagement

10 French 2.2 Youth Branch

12 Physics 1 Youth Branch

“The “Proud Vietnam” competition left me with a fresh new experience. As its name suggests, the contest has sparked in me a sense of national pride. The content of the questions spanned from the times of Hùng Vương kings to the resistance years, showing our people’s evolution from a small tribe of the past to the strong people of today, all requiring a high degree of education in the participants. Every time I read these questions on our Vietnamese ancestors’ heroism over various stages of history, I got to bask in the fiery sense of self-pride for my nation. This has been an interesting and helpful project, and I believe that if it can be positively spread among our people, Youth Union members from all corners of the country would participate in this contest more. “ - told Lê Đàm Duyên from 12 Physics 1. 

On behalf of the school's Youth Union, Ams Wide Web’s reporter crew would like to congratulate each Youth Branch on finishing the contest. We hope that everyone has had a good time and exciting lessons at “Proud Vietnam”, along with fueling each individual’s national pride. 

Writer: Nguyễn Lan Hương - History 2023

Image source: From Youth Branches