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Post by: trangtrang | 24/05/2022 | 317 reads

Made in 19-22 “19–22 Boulevard”, where the most enthralling moments of the brilliant high school journey are safekept; where Amsers are emboldened to confidently stroll their own boulevards, now wide open, has now come to an emotional end with the Gratitude and Graduation Ceremony on 24/5/2022 at the 700 auditorium, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the gifted.

The event was kicked start with the traditional song “The Hanoi - Amsterdam Anthem”, proudly chanted in unison by Amsers 19-22: “Eternal faith. Amsterdam Hanoi. Eternal love. Amsterdam Hanoi…”

Answers’ synchronized voices, bursting with pride, wafting through the entire auditorium

The ceremony was honored to receive the attendance of Ms Tran Thuy Duong - Principal. Secretary of the Party Committee; Excellent Teacher Bui Van Phuc - Vice Principal; Excellent Teacher Duong Tu Anh - Vice Principal; Excellent Teacher Do Lenh Dien - Principal of the school, representing the parents of over 620 Amsers 19-22 from 19 classes.

The ceremony comprised two main stages: “Ceremony” and “Graduation Night”. Initiating the Ceremony Ms Tran Thuy Duong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal, had a few lines coming from the heart for all Amsers: Class of 19-22 is a unique one. You all have constructed indeed a boulevard, how bedazzling, beautifully ornamented with countless achievements and indelible imprints… From this moment onwards, each and every one of you here will have to vanquish your own boulevards, greater, furtherm, bigger; yet without the guidance of us teachers, and the companionship of your friends. However, to separate is to grow. I wish you all unfaltering stoicism in the path ahead. Your journey with Ams may end here, but remember, we teachers will always be at this place, welcoming your return.”

Ms Tran Thuy Duong, representing the school Managing Board, delivered her speech to 12th-grade Amsers

Following the speech was a slow rewinding movie, showing the images of students and teachers of class 19-22. Each and every piece of memories, beautiful and familiar, manifested bringing great nostalgia. Now, only hours, or even minutes, away from students’ graduation, the teachers sent their heartwarming messages to all the hyperactive rascals: “May you be blessed and beatific whatever boulevard you are strolling on. Remember, once Amser, forever Amser!”

Bouquets after bouquets of fresh flowers, carrying the students’ endless words of gratitude, were presented to the teachers

Throughout every Amser’s journey of growing - beautiful high school years - always stands the shadows of the teachers - the assiduous ferrymen, burning bright was passion, who torch the way, who ignite the intrinsic fire of knowledge, who blaze the flame of love. To express their gratitude to all the ferrymen behind the scene, Khanh Huyen and Huy Nhat, students of class 19-22, had a emotional performance of the song “The teacher”.

Moreover, the ceremony also witnessed the attendance of parents’ representatives, the reliable support, the unbreachable shield, the fountain of encouragement, always by their children’s side, rendering them more resilient to go even greater lengths.

Mr Nguyen Tuan Anh - head of the Parents’ Representative Group delivering his speech on stage.

On behalf of students of class 19-22, Huynh Trang Nhi, a student from class 12 Geography, head organizer of the event Made in 12, also fully conveyed her nostalgic and grateful feelings towards all the parents, teachers and the school.

Trang Nhi expressing her deep thoughts, drenched with emotions, before graduation

To end the ceremony, Ms Tran Thuy Duong - Secretary of the Party Committee, Principal, was on stage to strike the last drum beats, symbolizing the closing of the last school, to etch these beautiful thumps from Hanoi - Amsterdam into their heart, yesterday, today, and forever…

Ms Tran Thuy Duong struck drum beats symbolizing the ending school year, and thus graduation, for students from class 19-22

Kicking off the Graduating Night, students from class 19-22 stirred the enthusiastic atmosphere with their stupendous performances.

Dancing performance from the Arts Department from the organizer of Made in 12

The video made by all 19 classes to express their gratitude for the teachers

More surprisingly, Thai Dinh, the “Vietnam’s Prince of Ballad”, was invited as the special guest, bringing sweet, thought-provoking melodies, besides the heartfelt memories from his own student life, to all the pupils standing before the threshold of adulthood.

Thai Dinh’s heartmelting voices and sharings for all the students

All the students, zesty audience, cherishing the show with immense excitement

The hall is now glinting with flashlights, with arms waving from one side to another, with voices singing beautifully in unison, for the last time, before the farewell moment. The start of the song “How was your day?”, composed originally by Amsers 19-22, also marked the end of the Graduation Night. Their common hall has now been closed, but each and every one of them will now embark on their own boulevard, opening up an entire new chapter in their life: “How was your day?/ “How was it?”/ “Sun shining or raining pouring”/ “Bitter or sweet?”

The original song “How was your day?” composed and performed by Phung Khanh Huyen, Phan Anh Minh, and Dao Huy Nhat

“Far away, yet we say”/ “Good day! Here we stay”.  1000 days in Hanoi - Amsterdam, raining or shining, blissful or melancholy, of course with a few times faltering, will remain the most beautiful ones in every Amser’s youth diary. Dear 19-22, whatever lies ahead, please have this at your hearts: “Once Amsers, Forever Amswers.” On behalf of the Production Department from Ams Wide Web, we wish all Amsers of class 19-22 success and happiness on their own boulevards!

Journalist: Khong Minh Anh - Literature 2023

Photojournalist: Nguyen Mai Trang - Hoa 2023

Translator: Le Trung Kien - English 2023