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"Design with Amser" event - A practice in Technology

Post by: trangtrang | 10/04/2018 | 681 reads

At 10 am on March 28th, 2018, in the BC Hall of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, an exhibition was held, showcasing the technical skills of the 11th grade students based on what they learned  in Physics, Chemistry, and Technology classes to come up with inventions made from commonly found things in our daily lives.

At around 10 am, students from 11th grade classes such as Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry quickly finished their classes and brought their products to the B-C hall to prepare for the exhibition. As expected, each class had come up with useful and innovative products based on the knowledge acquired in their textbooks.

Students gathered  to see the products from the 11th graders

A case for cosmetics made from a guitar box

The "Design with Amser"event has brought  about new opportunities  for students to express their creativity through practical products. This program is really a useful activity to help students gain more skills and experience in the field as well as knowledge in real life.

The 11 Computer Science class with a house model

The design by the students really exceeded the expectations of their friends teacher. Their inventions are really simple yet require a lot of  creativity and intelligence. In addition to creating such an environment conducive to our future inventors, this is also an activity that has helped students gain teamwork and organizational skills.

"Design with Amser", which took place in the morning of March 28, 2018 was very successful and acted as a learning experience for the 11th grade students. This is a healthy playground that has helped students showcase their capabilities and will be an unforgettable activity during their stay at Hanoi- Amsterdam highschool.

Reporter: Nguyen Diep Anh - History 1720

Photos  by Nguyen Phuong Anh - Russia 1720

Translator: Pham Van Khanh – 10 English 2