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Ams' Got Talent 10 Preliminary Round- "QUERENCIA": Talented Amsers on home field

Post by: trangtrang | 10/01/2018 | 1439 reads

After nine seasons, Ams' Got Talent has officially returned with a whole new fascinating theme, "Querencia". The 10th Ams' Got Talent Preliminary Round officially taking place on the 25th and 26th of November 2017 at Hall 700, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School recently presented the audience and judges with the very captivating and attractive performances.

"Querencia" -  means in Spanish the source of strength, where people feel most at ease and peace when they return to, a sacred place called "Home." With this theme, the 10th Ams' Got Talent wants the Hanoi-Amsterdam school  to be a warm home on the heart of every Amser, a place lighting the fire of passion, to nurture the dreams of youth, just like the motto that Amsers always cherish: "Because Ams is home."

Accompanying the Preliminary Round this year are the respected judges - those who "hold the balance", to determine the excellent candidates for the next round. Our four powerful judges include MC - Actress Thanh Van Hugo; SUD Crew leader Nguyen Duc Thang; Ms. Nguyen Phuong Uyen - Lecturer of Vietnam National Academy of Music; Literature Teacher of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted -  Miss Tuong Lan Chi


The judges gave very dedicated comments to contestants.

Over the two-day course of event, the Preminilary Round of the Ams' Got Talent Competition has welcomed more than 60 special features from Amsers, including dance, singing, acting, instrumental performances. The performances bring about a variety of colors, taking the audience through stages of emotions from vibrant, from astonishingly strong to profoundly deep, touching the heart of those present in the hall.

The exciting and memorable dance show from the Cheer Ams

Master piano fingers from the 16-finger group.


Life's So Drama Club's "Love Among World War" was inspired by the love of the military doctor and the French soldier which took away the tears of many viewers.

Candidates listening attentively to the judges.


Ams' Got Talent  Season 10 - Querencia Organization Board

Find your way home - That's the message the organizers of Ams' Got Talent 10th season (16 - 19 English 1) want to send to all Amsers. Appreciate moments when you are wearing the Hanoi-Amsterdam logo so that when you grow up, thinking about the past, you Amsers can still feel the intact and natural emotions under the light named AGT in particular and Hanoi-Amsterdam school in general.


Reporter: Mai Nhat Minh -  16-19 History

Photo: Ams' Got Talent Season 10 Organization Board