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Ams' Got Talent 10 Finale: Where passion shines

Post by: trangtrang | 02/01/2018 | 1282 reads

On December 27th, the finale of Ams’ Got Talent Season 10 will be held at the 700 Conference Hall of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, with the participation of all individuals/ groups who have surpassed the first round. Our judges, who are well-known celebrities in the fields of art, will be bringing their expertise and professionalism to assess this season’s finalists.

Ams’ Got Talent is an annual event of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School, organized by the students of 11 English 1 in order to give gifted Amsers a stage to bring their talents to life. With the theme of Querencia: The Origin of Power, where souls are tranquil, the hosts have high expectations that Hanoi-Amsterdam will be the place where dreams are winged and passion is ignited, where every Amser would be pround for the signature sayings: “Vì Ams là nhà (Because Ams is home)”.


The Board of Organization of Ams’ Got Talent 10

The finale on December 27th will be the competition of the best 8 individuals/group from the first round: Flowers, Trinh Minh Hoang, The Sixteen Fingers, Le Chi Bach & friends, DAC Band, Coincidance, Cheer Amsterdam and Justice League along with 4 individuals/groups who won the highest score from the audience in the Comeback: LSD, HDC, Vieux and HAMAC. What progress have the contestants made from the first round and what are their performances this finale? All of the performances would be revealed at 14h00 of December 27th at the 700 Conference Hall.



The young and talented girls of Flowers


The lively performance in the first round by Cheer Ams


Talented groups of contestants who received much adore from the audience: HAMAC, Vieux, LSD, HDC


One of the most indispensable part of every competition is the Judging Panel. These are the experts who will assess the finalists while keeping professionalism and impartiality in line. The judging panel this year consist of many celebrities such as People’s Artist Hoang Dung, singer My Linh, Supermodel /TV Host Thuy Hanh, TV Host Thanh Van Hugo, dancer Thang Nguyen and a very special judge from the Platinum sponsor Ivycation: Ms. Natalia Henrickson.


People’s Artist Hoang Dung made his name in the industry with many roles in the movies “Cuồng phong”, “Đàn trời”, “Người phán xử”,.. and the role of a director in the plays “Tôi và chúng ta”, “Cát bụi”,...


My Linh is one of the four divas of Vietnam with her marvelous vocal skills and a sultry, elegant voice. My Linh has experienced judging seasons of the famous show “Guong mat than quen” and coaching in “The Voice Vietnam”.


Thuy Hanh is well-known as a Supermodel and host of many famous shows and continually takes part in many fashion shows. Supermodel/ TV host Thuy Hanh is very adored for her role of a judge in “Vietnam’s Got Talent”.



TV Host Thanh Van Hugo is loved for her beauty, her gorgeous smile and excellent acting. She’s also the host of many famous show such as“Đường lên đỉnh Olympia”, “Vì bạn xứng đáng” and “Vietnam’s Got Talent”.



Dancer Thang Nguyen (Nguyen Duc Thang) is the leader of S.U.D Crew, a talented dance crew with a lot of young fans.



Ms. Natalia Henrickson, former Havard student, special judge from the Platinum sponsor: Ivycation international organization of Education.


With the experience and passion as well as their sympathy for the contestants, the judging panel of the finale of Ams’ Got Talent season 10 will definitely give fair comments as well as reasonable scores in order to crown the contestants who deserve the highest prizes of Ams’ Got Talent 10.



The finale of Ams’ Got Talent Season 10 will be held at 14h00 of December 27th at the 700 Conference Hall. On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s editors, we wish the contestants shine on the stage and deliver the best performances. We hope the Judging Panel will give the most impartial comments and Ams’ Got Talent 10 will be a great success!


Reporter: Linh Chi – Literature 1619

Translated by Tran Nguyen Hong Minh – 10 English 1