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Post by: trangtrang | 01/06/2020 | 450 reads

Cicadas rustle across the school, signalling the arrival of May. Within the specks of light dimly shining through the windowsill, the pace of time suddenly reveals itself. Summer has come with the the red phoenix, brightening up the memories, love, and unforgetable moments of Ams - our great family.

"No matter how large the sky is, all roads will eventually lead to Ams." Perhaps that is true for any former Amsers. Ignoring the worries, surprised at the first moment, the prestigious Hanoi - Amsterdam school opened me a new world, completely different from the previous school years: active, young Trung, enthusiastic and energetic. Studying here, I realized that Ams is not only known for the talented people, the whispers of praise but Ams is also a home, a big family, a place to light up burning desires. of youth.

Ams is a dear home

Wearing a white uniform with a blue sail badge is not only pride and pride but also responsibility. Having spent almost two semesters on this school, I realized that I was small when standing next to my talented peers with excellent academic and foreign achievements. That made me make more efforts, to deserve to become a piece of this place, of the roof of Hanoi - Amsterdam.

At Ams, I was taught how to understand, to share, to love. At Ams, I live true to myself without being constrained by anything else. At Ams, I met lovely friends, satisfied my passion: were planning special projects, working with experienced members of the club, playing games. favorite sport. And also at Ams, I have the most unforgettable memories. I remember extremely noon even though the sun was hot, but I still had to stay very late to make a presentation plan for a certain subject, or the sunny afternoons on the corridor, sitting with friends, urging finish each exercise, watch a basketball game or simply hum a familiar song. Only then did I notice: the sunshine in Ams, why so beautiful!

Ams sunshine - memories to be remembered forever

3 years, not long or short but enough to keep in our hearts how many memories. And I firmly believe that, no matter how much time passes by accident, no matter how much life is disturbed in this life, Ams is forever a special piece that cannot be faded away in minds of students in this place.

No matter later, wherever we are, whatever we do, always remember, "Once Amsers, Forever Amsers!"

Reporter: Mai Khanh Linh - Geography 1922

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 1821