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Post by: trangtrang | 14/11/2019 | 393 reads

At 10:30 am, on November 13, 2019, in the 700-seats conference hall, the specialized lesson on "The prevention of drug abuse" was joined by the students of grade 10 Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. After the talk with Mr. Khanh - Secretary of Youth Union, Department of Drug Crime Prevention, Hanoi Police Department, the students were able to gain a lot of useful and in-depth knowledge about a long-running issue - drug abuse.

To break the ice, Mr. Khanh started off his lesson with a special performance, a heartfelt cover of the song "My Beloved Mother". With its powerful message about the sacred motherhood, the song touched the hearts of many, spreading the flame of love to hundreds of people in the 700 hall. The hall resounded with cheers and applause, filling the atmosphere with adoration.

Mr. Khanh - Secretary of Youth Union, Department of Drug Crime Prevention, Hanoi Police Department

On the topic of drug abuse, he provided a clear definition of drugs and answered a burning question of many young people who wish to study abroad: Why are some Western countries legalizing marijuana? Then, after the introduction of common drugs such as opium, morphine, LSD,... he pointed out the potential dangers for each type of drug through interesting stories and examples, all of which are seemingly familiar scenarios to students and easy to understand. As a result, students acquired a detailed and accurate view of this imminent danger.

In addition to health risks, Mr. Khanh also highlighted the nation's strict laws on drug use and the adverse impact on the future of young people if they ever break the law. Even if you just holds a nice looking glass jar for someone out of generosity, or accidentally buy a glass tube for decorative purposes, not intending to use it, regardless of the reason, if a person is found with drug paraphernalia, they will be sanctioned of an administrative violation and be permanently recorded in the government file with 'Illegal possession of drug paraphernalia', thus limiting their work opportunities and chances of success. Not only that, possessing a minimum of 6 drug paraphernalia is enough for you to have to spend some time behind bars.

Examples of drug paraphernalia

In addition to mentioning the dangers of common drugs, Mr. Khanh also emphasized on the variety of drugs being sold widely and publicly on social networks, such as cakes, candy, ... made with drugs, or electronic cigarettes, laughing gas, shisha, ... that can potentially contain illegal drugs. At the same time, he also refuted all false information circulating the web about the positive effect of drugs such as cancer treatment, in order to make you think twice before receiving any information about drugs.

The students listened attentively and came up with questions of their own

After warning students about the potential dangers of drugs, Mr. Khanh ended his presentation with practical drug prevention measures. At the same time, he emphasized that one of the main causes of abuse is students' living environment. Therefore, he carefully reminded the students to "choose friends wisely", helping them avoid the dire consequences mentioned above.

Instead of a normal goodbye, he gifted the 10th graders a light-hearted song "Be my wife" in order to lift the atmosphere. 

The lesson ended, leaving a deep impression on the students about the critical global issue. Through the short program, students were able to gain better knowledge and skills that will prevent them from being taken advantage of and get led down the path of illegal drug use by others. Hopefully, with these newly-equipped 'weapons', students can prevent and fight off the drug crimes that still abound and warn those around them about the unpredictable consequences associated with it.

Reporter: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese 1821

Reporter: Nguyen Quynh Trang - Chinese 1922

Translator: Le Minh Ha - English 1922