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"One Lesson A Day": study on Facebook

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 25/05/2012 | 4797 reads

Each day we send away lessons. Each day we send away dreams…

Aiming at creating a friendly and effective environment for education, where teachers and students together can exchange knowledge, various types of exercises, examination papers or just questions on studying, One Lesson A Day was “born” on the social network Facebook. This idea was carried out by Mr. Le Duc Thuan – a Mathematics teacher  - along with many other teachers of Ha Noi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Young and zealous, the teachers always wish to deliver new knowledge to their students, and so far, they have been spending their precious time each day sending to One Lesson A Day their lectures or questions so that they and their students can discuss to find the answers.


Despite being established for just more than half a month, One Lesson A Day has attracted nearly 3,000 members, consisting of not only Amsers, but also many other students from different schools, who share the same passion for learning and expanding their knowledge. You can find here many lectures, examination papers from previous school years or you can give out difficult exercises for other members to solve. Moreover, it’s the students that can also share their learning sources. Not only being a study group, an useful source of information for students, One Lesson A Day is gradually becoming a new way of studying with the effective interaction between students and teachers, cutting short the distance between them.


However, due to being built recently, One Lesson A Day still has its shortcomings. Materials on different subjects are still not diverse enough, focusing mainly on Science subjecs such as Math, Physics, Chemistry. We wish that for the time coming, One Lesson A Day would receive greater help and contribution from teachers and student. To join the study group One Lesson A Day, you can log on to the following address:

Correspondent: Nguyen Ngoc Tram (V 09-12)

Translator: Nguyen Linh Chi (A2 11-14)

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