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Discover Ams alumni’s career orientation podcast channel

Post by: trangtrang | 06/06/2021 | 786 reads

In early April, FYE Radio, a career counseling podcast channel created for the youth, officially went into production. Through 1-on-1 conversations with experienced figures in jobs, FYE Radio promised to meet the youth’s current need for vocational counseling.

FYE Radio - Nghề lạ Nghề quen (Odd jobs - Common jobs) is a new section just created 2 months ago by the Foundation of Youth Empowerment members. This is a non-profit social fund operating with the aim of supporting and helping the youth develop vocational skills, apply research results, start-up initiatives so as to promote the youth’s role in the cause of construction and socio-economic development of the country. In order to best deliver career orientation information, FYE Radio is now routinely uploading videos in the form of podcasts on media platforms such as Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube,...

Ms. Duong Viet Hong - English 1 class of 9598 talks about Wildlife Conservation

FYE Radio is not only a place where the youth has the opportunity to tune in to stories, advice and experience of those seniors, it is also where they can listen to everyday stories, the hardships, the challenges through which they can light up their own passion of exploring professions. This can help them determine their own paths and mentally prepare for their future journeys. Jobs can seem to be so odd but actually are familiar and vice versa, every conversation is 20 minutes in which the audience immerse themselves in thoughts and intentions so they can gain a better broader view of the diverse professional world around them.

Ms. Quach Thu Hien - English 1 class of 9396 shares her experience with Coaching

Besides brainstorming questions, creating content for every podcast in the most polished way possible, the producers also do detailed research on the nowaday need for particular jobs so that they can convey quality information in every single post. A talented MC, impressive guests, engaging content, and motivational quotes should best describe this interesting and meaningful career orientation podcast channel. Every thank-you letter, every caring message is a huge source of motivation for FYE Radio to continue growing stronger and more quality to even more widely spread the opportunity of sharing with the youth proper career guidance.

Ms. Nguyen Cam Chi - class of 9698 talks about Auditing

With day-by-day improving content and quality in just 2 months in operation, FYE Radio will keep up the good work helping and bringing the youth helpful information with a view to accomplishing its mission of promoting the role of the youth in the cause of social construction and development.

Reporter: Nguyen Thanh Nga - English 2 2023

Translator: Minh Anh - Russian - English 1821


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