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NHAT 2012 – Where Amsers really“Be Flamed”

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 03/11/2012 | 3271 reads

Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012 – the biggest annual event of Hà Nội – Amsterdam High school – has come to a close. The last piece was eventually opened with overwhelming surprises and emotion! 12 specialized teams, 12 different colors, 12 different characteristics have altogether “Be Flamed” and shined, resulting in an extraordinary success for Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012.

With the theme “ Be Flamed”, Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012 has successfully united 12 specialized teams and embraced the exceptional Ams’ Spirit. Before the final showdown, the smoldering, persistent fire was ignited and it enhanced a dynamic and enthusiastic Ams through such intervals as Sports Day, Creative Day and Crowd Dance.


The final showdown of Ngày Hội Anh Tài proudly welcomed the school’s administration board and the super cute judge crew including Ms. Đỗ Tú Oanh, Mr. Nguyễn Đắc Thắng, Ms. Ninh Hạnh Quyên, Ms. Lương Thị Thùy Dương, Mr. Bùi Cảnh Thái and Ms. Vũ Hà Anh

The fierce talent competition among 12 specialized teams was the first part on show. They all showed features of their class through performances on the big stage. English Class brought us a vibrant atmosphere with Dynamite and “We’ve got English Style”. Russian Class was the most creative with the perfect combination of Contemporary Dance and Lighting Technique. So powerful was Physics Class with the song “Tìm Lại”. Whereas, History Class displayed their love for our beloved country – Vietnam …


History Class’ Performance

Parallel with Most Wanted Class contest was Mr. and Miss Ams 2012. This was the time for 9 couples who had been with Ngày Hội Anh Tài from the beginning to shine and express themselves. In the Traditional Clothes round, next to the boys, the girls were elegant with their graceful, feminine Ao Dai. The Evening Dress round was a complete makeover: the boys turned into gallant gentlemen while the girls were so beautiful in their sparkling, sophisticated dresses.

Among 9 couples attending Mr. and Miss Ams, 3 stunning ones were carefully selected for the“interview round” : Phạm Quốc Dũng (12L1) – Mai Mỹ Linh (12Đ); Lưu Trung Hiếu – Lại Ánh Nhật (12P) and Trịnh Thành Trung – Trần Hải An (12A1). With their knowledge and understanding, they expressed their opinions about “Be Flamed” in the Ams’ spirit in different ways, showing their outlook on their own life and their language ability.


Hải An-Thành Trung - Miss and Mr Ams 2012

After nerve-wrecking moments, supplemental prizes of Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012 were announced. English Class was awarded with 2 prizes including Most Voted Class and The Best Clip while French Class earned their title of The Best Performance. Besides, The runner – up title of Most Wanted Class contest belonged to Physics Class.

With Mr. and Miss Ams, Quốc Dũng – Mỹ Linh was the Most Loved Couple while Ngọc Thái – Thanh Hà gained the title of The Friendliest Couple and Trung Hiếu – Ánh Nhật convinced the judge crew to earn their rightful title of The Charismatic Couple.

When all of the spotlights were concentrated on the stage for the most longing moment, all students held their breath in anticipation and anxiety. Then they all burst in joy when Trịnh Thành Trung – Trần Hải An proudly received their title of Mr. and Miss Ams and Russian Class was awarded with the Most Wanted Class title.

Russian Class’ impressive performance

Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012 is finally over, and perhaps there are something sentimental and epic which every Amser bears in mind. What this show has done is that the Ams’ Spirit is persevered, embraced and widely spread through time and space. Ngày Hội Anh Tài 2012 has brought each and everyone of us a sincere, deep love with our house – Hà Nội – Amsterdam High School

And, let’s dive in NHAT’s atmosphere with more photos:


History Class’ Camp with unique structure and decoration


Literature Class’ one with their colors (pink and violet), pictures and meaningful poems


Chemistry Class’ with chemical formula and their unique blue


“one and only” Hawaii Style of Geography Class’


Russian Class’


“Be Flamed with Math Class


Hand-made bracelets, necklaces, …

English Class’!

Flashy Geography Class’ from above!

Chinese Class’ lithe performance

Please enjoy more pictures here!


Author: Minh Kiên, Hằng Anh, Ngọc Linh

Translator: Thái Bảo Ngọc (A1 11-14)


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