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Mr & Miss Ams: Beyond the pictures

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 06/09/2012 | 4386 reads

         Though still familiar places in Hanoi, still the slender ao dai, the white shirt, still the gentleness, the gracefulness of boys and girls at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School, each couple generates a unique feature and mixed emotions. Let’s see what surprises the next three couples bring to us!  

1.      Pham Quoc Dung – Nguyen My Linh

Quoc Dung and My Linh decided to sing and dance together for the talent round, making it an impressive performance. Possessing semi – professional voices; however, they successfully conveyed real feelings and the message of the song to the audience thanks to their agile movements and nimble coordination.


In the photo contest, unlike other couples, Linh – Dung chose to travel around Hanoi, passing places of interest such as the long – standing Opera House, then the ancient Kim Lien pagoda, etc. The distinction in these photos is certainly the sharp contrast between My Linh’s freshly cheerful, sparkling face and Quoc Dung’s cool, solemn, noble style. Accompanied by a motorbike and deeply-sympathized emotions, our two friends are complimented as “a young married couple”!


2.      Vu Minh Duc – Tran Anh Phuong


Not dressing in an ostentatious manner, returning to Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Minh Duc and Anh Phuong are really simple with naturally unaffected, innocent air of students. Although in some ways being in common with Anh Nhat – Trung Hieu, this couple seems to own much more playfulness and mischievous postures. Both of them are radiant with lovely smiles, creating a miraculously special feature in the whole album.


3.      Pham Thien Ha – Nguyen Duc Nhan

“Co khi nao roi xa” – a big hit among youngsters was triumphantly covered by Thien Ha and Duc Nhan in their talent section. Thanks to Duc Nhan’s amazing ability to play the piano and Thien Ha’s great voice, the two friends transformed themselves into a perfect couple.


Additionally, in the photo contest, this talented and wonderful couple from Biology Class 11 – 14 took a photo album at Dong Xuan Market, near Long Bien Bridge – another attractive destination in Hanoi where Mr. & Miss Ams Team dropped in. Thien Ha, a passionate, gentle and romantic girl combined with a gallant, not-very-cold Duc Nhan made the photos sophisticatedly harmonious. All those things create an idyllic, halcyon and purely innocent manner of high school students.


4.      Nguyen Nhan Tri Tam – Nguyen Thao Anh

Set in a historic and glorious landmark, putting an emphasis on the August Revolution, Tri Tam and Thao Anh chose to take photos at Northern Palace, now known as the Government Guest House, a spot used to be President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese Provisional Government’s workplace until the National Resistance.


Tri Tam – one of the core members of Basketball Team, who usually appears actively strong with the ball, made us surprised at his romantic moments while singing and playing the guitar beside a beautiful, charming Thao Anh in the talent round. Even though their photos seem to be more mature than the other candidates’, their album still possesses a distinctive feature with green grams of plant pots around the Guest House, gently smooth and gracious.


5.      Trinh Thanh Trung – Tran Hai An

Once again, going back to the Sword Lake – Turtle Tower – Ngoc Son Temple, but with totally different nuances from the sweet, brooch and warm atmosphere of Khang Duy – Phuong Hoa couple, this time, Thanh Trung and Hai An share with us a brightly joyful and brilliantly breathtaking view of this popular location.


Shining rays of light and warm colors gave them preferences, but the couple expressed not too mischievously, merely with tender bliss and happy, satisfying laughter. Notwithstanding, inside all these pictures still mirror the handsome, elegant Thanh Trung and the graceful, beautiful Hai An.


        The photo contest of candidates in Mr. & Miss Ams is entering the end but it also sets the next step to the final day of NHAT 2012 taking place at the end of this September. What amazement may those couples bring to us? Let’s wait and join the final night of NHAT 2012!

                                                                                                                                                                                Author: Nguyen Anh Nhat (S 11-14)

                                                                                                                                                                                Translator: Nguyen Ngoc Van (A1 11-14) 


Đăng bởi: Mai Thành Sơn | 20/09 | 4,240 lượt xem
Đăng bởi: Mai Thành Sơn | 06/09 | 4,386 lượt xem

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